Villanova Grad Wins Big on “Jeopardy”



Alison Nieto Culture Editor

Recent Villanova University graduate Sean Udicious competed on ABC’s “Jeopardy” last Monday, winning two games. Udicious graduated in the class of 2017 with a degree in Communication in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. During his time at the University, he participated in several extra-curricular activities, including Villanova Student Musical Theater and Villanova Singers. He also took part in the Sophomore Service Learning Community and was proud to help out LEVEL, a student group formed to bridge the gap between students with varying abilities and disabilities. 

Not just anyone can be on “Jeopardy.” “I took an online test, which was advertised on the show,” Udicious wrote in an interview. “From there I did an in-person interview in New York. That was another test, plus a simulated game and a personality interview.” 

After earning his place on the show, Udicious had to prepare for the actual game play. “I prepared by browsing the J! Archive, a website that holds an archive of every previous episode,” Udicious wrote. “I looked for categories that repeated and focused on those.” 

His episodes aired two weeks earlier than expected on February 5th. Many of Udicious’ friends on campus held watch parties, claiming rooms in St. Mary’s and Tolentine. Udicious swept the first game, winning before the round went into Final Jeopardy. On seeing himself on camera, Udicious wrote that “It was an out-of-body experience: I was initially embarrassed by my voice, but that quickly faded when I saw how invested people were in my performance.”

Udicious dominated the board for two games until losing on Wednesday to a young upstart from New York City, much like the University’s basketball team on the same night. He won $30,799 total, winning $20,000 the first night alone. Nevertheless, the Villanova community banded together in support of Udicious’ “Jeopardy” run, showing that ‘once a wildcat, always a Wildcat’ is really true here.