The Where and How For All Your Fitness Needs


Courtesy of SoulCycle

SoulCycle is a popular workout class and has a studio in Ardmore. 

Chloe Miller, Co-Culture Editor

We are reaching that point in the semester where the Belle Aire chicken fingers and fries and the Spit late night are finally starting to take a toll on our bodies. Maybe you are wanting to start working out or getting into a new routine but have no idea where to start. 

Planet Fitness coined the term “gymtimidation” and, as most people know, it is embarrassingly true. Walking into the Davis Center may make you break out into cold sweats before you even begin to work out just by how threatened you might feel. This is totally normal. If you are looking for more inclusive group settings to work out in, there are a multitude of places on and around campus to take advantage of. 

Unable to get off campus to take a class? Villanova has group exercise classes in Canon Hall at The Commons. The Recreation page on Villanova’s website has a full calendar of workouts for the month. Canon hall offers spin, power yoga, strength training, body toning, cardio kickbox and more exercise classes. 

Buying tickets for the classes in The Commons is quick and easy. Email Fitness and Recreation Coordinator Gina Palermo for more information on the class options Villanova offers. Once the exercise package is confirmed, one can sign up for any class the school offers in the studios. 

Bulldog Yoga is a great option for yogis on campus. Located in Villanova Center next to First Watch, Bulldog Yoga offers multiple types of yoga classes only a short walk off-campus. It is currently offering a student discount where one can get 25 days of classes for $25. 

“Bulldog yoga has changed how I work out this semester,” sophomore Alex Tessendorf said. “It is super easy to get to, the classes are fantastic and the instructors are amazing and so welcoming.”

Another great option just a short walk away from campus is Barre3 on Lancaster Avenue in Rosemont Center. Offering $10 new client classes, Barre3 incorporates yoga, cardio and strength training into one unique workout. It currently has both online livestreams and in-person classes, so one can fit it into their schedule at any time.

Pilates fans can get a great workout at [solidcore] in the Bryn Mawr Village Shopping Center.[solidcore] offers multiple targeted body workout classes focused on strengthening and redefining pilates. 

The Main Line also has a plethora of options for workout classes. There is both an Orangetheory Fitness and a Soulcycle in Ardmore. Orangetheory is known for its HIIT total body workouts. Soulcycle blew up in the mid-2010s and is one of the most popular spin class studios. There is one located in Suburban Square, right off the Ardmore SEPTA train station. 

Staying fit in college is both challenging and daunting. Villanova and the surrounding area are full of fantastic and enjoyable options to make working out a reward, rather than a chore. Workout classes can be a great way to bond with peers and friends. Whether or not you stay on campus or choose to adventure to an off-campus studio, there are plenty of options to stay fit and have fun.