Business Newsletter Looks to Expand Student Knowledge of Business World

Alison Nieto Culture Editor

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Check the weather? Check your email? What if there were a way to keep up to date on the news of the business world without disrupting your morning routine? That’s exactly what Morning Brew does, the business newsletter that hits your inbox every weekday morning at 6 AM. 

Morning Brew is a business newsletter founded by University of Michigan graduates Alex Lieberman (CEO) and Austin Rief (COO). Their catchy slogan, “Let us occupy a little space in your inbox every morning,” states their company goal, a convenience for students wondering what they are getting into by signing up. According to their company description, “Morning Brew is a new media company bringing you informative and digestible business news. We educate 250,000+ readers on the latest news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, daily.” 

Senior and on-campus ambassador for the company Rob McAlister reached out to answer a couple questions about the company and its usefulness to students.

“I became familiar with the company when a friend recommended it to me, and I absolutely love it,” McAlister said. “You know those 5 minutes after you wake up, and you’re just staring at your phone? I use those 5 minutes to read the Morning Brew and catch up on everything in the business world.” 

Some of the benefits of this company, according to McAlister, are that you lose the problem of picking up a copy of the Wall Street Journal from Bartley Hall, throw it in your backpack and forget about it. Because the newsletter hits your inbox every morning, it is convenient and accessible to casual as well as avid readers.

“People will actually read it because it’s so short and simple,” McAlister said. 

For Villanova students, the newsletter is helpful in that it provides an environment in which students can gain a greater understanding of the business world for the small price of five minutes a day. This is beneficial to all students, not just those who study business because having a greater understanding’ of the market around them could help with financial decisions and opportunities in the future. In short, reading up about the current economic market can only benefit students as they graduate and enter the workforce. 

“When I was first introduced to the company, I thought that it was a pretty cool way to stay up to date,” McAlister said. “The newsletter is succinct, brief and hilariously witty. [The writers] are not afraid to throw some one-liners in there, which really gets me. It’s millennials speaking to millennials: it’s not dry, it’s not boring, the large focus is on catching the millennial eye and it works!” 

This new system of getting news is not only interesting but convenient and there are many other newsletters, such as “the Skimm,” that are becoming a larger part of people’s lives due to their convenience. Students looking to integrate newsletters such as these into their lives should do it, according to McAlister, because the worst-case scenario is that they realize they don’t use or enjoy it and unsubscribe from the emails. Simply put, newsletters are a great way to stay up to date in a friendly, fun and casual manner.