St. Luke’s Greek Festival Welcomes Fall


greek festival

Natalie Psyhogeos Staff Reporter

What could be a better way to kick off the new season than to attend the 41st annual St. Luke’s Orthodox Church Festival in Broomall? Countless families from all around Philadelphia were swarming at the gates to get a look at the action. The Greek Affair organized the whole spectacle with carnival games, amusement rides, dancing and even a monastiraki, a flea market.

People of all ages were in attendance. Young girls and boys ran around to play the games that covered the Church parking lot. This is where everyone got their fix of cotton candy and popcorn. A long line to ride the ferris wheel proved to be worth the wait with a great view of St. Luke’s dome from above. After getting off the rides, the quintessential fair attractions were the next stops. From darts to basketball, the gigantic stuffed animals were reason enough to attempt any of the activities. The smell of rich, Greek coffee lured festival-goers further in the grounds. Inside, a few of the half dozen tents displayed Grecian jewelry, from elaborate Orthodox crosses to sparkly charm bracelets. Located in the quaint neighborhood of Broomall, it was easy to see that the event drew from well beyond the St. Luke congregation. Many from the local communities appreciated the authentic celebration of Greek culture and could not pass up the opportunity to be part of such an important tradition.

It would not be a true Greek Festival without amazing food, and the Orthodox Church did not disappoint. Whether starting in the gyro line sounded more appetizing or going straight for the baklava, there was no going wrong as far as the cuisine was concerned. Everything was homemade and full of the unique flavors of Greek cooking.

Once everyone was well-fed, that is when the festivities started to pick up. There was an assortment of things to draw one’s attention, like the serenading folk band. Nothing makes Greece seem closer than the background music of soft guitars during dinner followed by a full-on performance afterwards that all congregated around. The Grecian dancers made everyone get on their feet for a fantastic show. All grabbed hands and did their best to keep up with the fast rhythm, making it a sight to see.

The Festival was a must-see for all Villanova students. A 12 minute drive from Main Campus was all it takes to experience a strong representation of Greek heritage.