Seeing Peace: New Student Art Exhibit

Yvonne Nguyen Staff Reporter

In Fall 2018, 215 Villanova students created 3,028 works of art in Studio Art courses. Some of these pieces are displayed in “Seeing Peace,” which is running from Feb. 4th-March 1st. “Seeing Peace” is the new student art exhibit in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) building, the St. Augustine Cultural Center. The display features a selection of student artwork produced last semester, Fall 2018, in Villanova’s Studio Art courses: drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting, costume design, calligraphy, and printmaking. 

According to the main exhibition poster, the theme of “Seeing Peace” was inspired by CLAS’ Dean Adele Lindenmeyr’s “invitation to the entire College to create ways of promoting ideas of peace and justice in our disciplines.” This invitation was embraced by Studio Art faculty as they curated works of student art from the last semester to reflect that theme. 

New to artmaking, students from all Villanova colleges (CLAS, Engineering, Business, and Nursing), majors, and backgrounds take Studio Art courses, and this wide variety of viewpoints is evident in the breathtaking artwork displayed in the show. If you decide to check out the exhibit or happen upon it haphazardly, you will notice that the artworks vary in medium, perspective, and intent. Although the artwork in “Seeing Peace” represents only a fraction of the artistic exploration and art created by Villanova students, these pieces were selected as evidence of the theme, “Seeing Peace,” which “com[es] forth spontaneously from [Villanova] students as they express themselves in the artistic vocabulary of beauty.” 

Overall, this exhibit truly showcases the artistic talents of Villanova students, and hopefully it will inspire students and visitors to see and create peace.

Additionally, the Studio Art faculty have their artwork displayed now until mid-April in the Connelly Center Art Gallery.