What Students Did On Campus Over Fall Break


Courtesy of Villanova University Instagram

Students enjoyed the beautiful campus over break.

Maddie Schieder, Staff Writer

Not everyone on campus had the opportunity to travel home for fall break last week, yet things were interesting in the silence of campus. Instagram feeds were filled with photos of fellow classmates out west or even across the ocean. However, those on campus had to get creative to keep themselves entertained and avoid the lurking shadow of FOMO. Those on campus mainly consisted of athletes, RAs and those unable to make their way home for the week. St. Mary’s was the only dining hall open on campus. Therefore, the break was a great opportunity to explore the variety of restaurants around campus. Since the weather finally cooled down, students had a taste of autumn and heavy jackets. Students on campus also had the opportunity to spend time at hotspots, such as King of Prussia Mall, Linvilla Orchards and Suburban Square. Although it was nice to get off campus, on campus students were able to enjoy some peace in the absence of all of the chaos and take walks on campus observing our beautiful home. Speaking of outdoors, students were also spotted walking and enjoying Stoneleigh Gardens right behind campus. Those enjoying the “staycation” got to visit and learn about places on and around campus they may have always wanted to see. That included downtown Philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs and the beauty of the Main Line. Finding stuff to do in one’s own city is not as basic as it sounds. Being on campus was not so bad after all. 

Since most of the university facilities were closed for break, those on campus also were able to cook in their own kitchens and get a taste of independence while others were not around. Fall break is meant to be a reset whether that be mentally or academically. For some, it meant enjoying the peace of silence on campus and taking in the view or staying in and watching a comforting movie on the couch. A break from the hustle and bustle Villanova students face every day is exactly what all of us needed, whether that be in Europe or right in the comfort of your on-campus apartment. 

“I went to the Wissahickon Park over break for a getaway from campus to walk around in nature and destress from the busy life I live on campus,” sophomore Kiera Booth said. 

She and her boyfriend got to explore a destination off campus she has been excited to visit, and she enjoyed her time outside in the brisk fall weather. Wissahickon Valley Park is located just north of the Main Line and is home to trails and creeks which are great for a taste of true nature. Trips like these off campus, exploring the hidden gems of suburban Philadelphia were a hit over this past week during fall break on campus. Peace and de-stressing were very much enjoyed by those kept on and around campus for this year’s fall break, and it was not so boring after all.