Villanova Ridiculum Improv



Elena Rouse

This weekend, the student improv group “Ridiculum” held two performances in St.  Mary’s Theater. The room was full of buzzing energy, as Villanova students sat to see their friends perform. The show consisted of about fifteen Villanova students dressed in simple black t-shirts with nothing but each other to aid their routines.

The show started with an opening dialogue from two of the company members, consisting of humor all Villanova students would appreciate. Following that, there were countless improvisation games that resulted in hilarious performance skits from the members of the group. 

The night’s scenes involved things like pirates, friend-zoning, cup-stacking and more, each eliciting raging laughter from the crowd. One of the games that particularly stood out in creativity was called “Bell Curve.” One by one, the actors would come into a scene, change the direction of it, then find a way to leave it appropriately. It was extremely impressive to watch these actors and actresses think so quickly on their feet to produce such comical lines. 

However, the part about the experience that made it so unique was the crowd participation. Every game started with a suggestion of a place or a situation from the audience, and students would enthusiastically scream their ideas to the players with laughter and jest. The audience was even able to get up on stage themselves in a game called “Two Pillars,” spitting out lines every time one of the Ridiculum members put their hand on the participant’s shoulder. This banter created an atmosphere of lightness and community. 

“Ridiculum” is the only improv group on the University’s campus and consists of a group of talented Villanovans. It was evident that they were having the time of their lives on stage performing, and the feeling was infectious throughout the entire room.