Dogs of Villanova: Maisy the Mutt

Olivia Sabalaskey

Villanova’s professors, like the students, are hard workers. They are experts in their academic fields and are dedicated to helping their students better understand the material. However, after grading countless papers and tests, professors also like to enjoy the simple things in life like spending time with their dogs. Around Villanova’s campus, you might see Professor Jared Bishop from the Department of Communication walking his dog, Maisy. 

To say the leashed, Maisy is a loving, sweet and playful pup.

She grew up on the West Coast where she was rescued by the Oregon Humane Society. After a few months of living in foster homes, Maisy found her fur-ever home with Professor Bishop, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

 Maisy is a mix of breeds and has characteristics similar to a beagle and a hound. She has big, light brown eyes that will melt your heart and a mix of black, brown and white fur. Also, Maisy’s muzzle is covered in adorable black freckles, and her tail’s tip is colored white.

In her spare time, Maisy enjoys chewing a rawhide bone, going on long walks, playing with her squeaky, orange ball, finding the largest stick she can find and sunbathing. Much to her dismay, Maisy is unable to sunbathe in the wintertime here in Pennsylvania. She hates the rain and snow, and she misses the West Coast weather often. 

Above all, Maisy is thankful to have the oppawtunity to meet so many wonderful students.

If you see Maisy, walking around Campus, stop by and say hi! 

Every week in the Dogs of Villanova Column, the Villanovan Culture writers will explore the lives of the cutest canines on campus. Check back every week to find out more about where to find them to lighten your mood on a busy work day.