Dogs of Villanova: Gigi the Rottweiler

Olivia Sabalaskey Staff Writer

Villanova students are passionate, determined and most of all, hardworking. However, particularly during midterms and finals, we can also become very stressed. As our to-do lists lengthen and our hours of sleep shorten, we look for a way to de-stress.

Fear not, because Gigi is here to lend a paw if you’re ever having a ruff week. Gigi is a beautiful, two-year-old Rottweiler, and is a certified therapy dog as of Nov. 2018. She frequently volunteers with her owner at “Where is the Love? ‘Wednesdays with Pals for Life’” on campus, hosted almost every Wednesday at 4 p.m. in varying locations. 

Many who have met her will agree that Gigi is one of the sweetest dogs you may ever meet. She has big, brown eyes that will warm your heart as soon as you look into them. Gigi loves being a therapy dog because she gets to meet so many people while enjoying a nice massage. As a therapy dog, Gigi has visited students at schools such as Immaculata University, Valley Forge Military Academy, Temple University and, of course, Villanova University. For Gigi, it’s just another day at the paw-ffice. 

Although she works hard as a therapy dog, Gigi also enjoys belly rubs, long naps, dressing up in costumes for the holidays, going on long walks with her owner, and spending time with her coworkers Calvin, Cali, Maggie and Rookie. 

“I love to make people smile,” Gigi says adamantly on her Instagram page. Gigi encourages students to follow her @therapygigi and she hopes to see you at Pet Therapy soon.

Every week in the Dogs of Villanova Column, the Villanovan Culture writers will explore the lives of the cutest canines on campus. Check back every week to find out more about where to find them to lighten your mood on a busy work day.