Villanova Theatre Prepares for Legally Blonde


Courtesy of VSMT website

VSMT prepares for their fall musical production. 

Emma Cahill, Staff Writer

Everyone’s favorite Gemini vegetarian is coming soon to Villanova’s stage. Villanova Student Musical Theatre will present “Legally Blonde” this fall. From Dec. 2-5, students will be able to watch the performance at the Court Theatre within the Mullen Performing Arts Center. 

Villanova Student Musical Theatre, commonly referred to as VSMT, is a student-run organization made up of Villanova students who share a passion for performing. These students bring their incredible talents of acting, singing and dancing to the stage in every production. VSMT puts on three musicals each year, and this year one of the three includes “Legally Blonde.”

Auditions for “Legally Blonde” occurred back in September, and practices have been ongoing since October. In fact, VSMT members even returned from Fall Break earlier in order to get a head start, while also taking the time to bond as a group through various activities. VSMT members commonly refer to this early return to campus as “Boot Camp Week.”

As the opening of this show nears, the cast and crew work tirelessly to perfect their performances for the audience. Rehearsals are beginning to pick up, and preparations are being put in place to create an amazing theatrical experience for all. 

“We’ve been having rehearsals since Oct. 13 and have been learning all of our songs and blocking and choreography,” freshman Madeleine Brooks said. “Next week, we’re going to move into the actual theater for rehearsals and we’re excited for that.”

Members of the play begin to heighten their preparation for this show in the upcoming week with new rehearsals at the Performing Arts Center. Later on, members will participate in the infamous tech week, with some of the most notoriously intense practices of the season. 

At the same time, the group is supplementing its hard work with fun activities, which helps VSMT to bond as a group. On top of that, the organization had its Big Little Reveal that occurred on Friday, Nov. 12, which many members were very excited about.

Additionally, the performance will be a nod to a return to a sense of normalcy. As we return to a sense of regular life following the COVID-19 restrictions, the production of this musical is especially exciting. While there are still precautions that are being taken, the show will go on with considerably more freedom. This means that VSMT will be able to perform this musical in the Mullen Center with an audience. The audience will honor the indoor mask policy established at Villanova, but elation reigns for being back in person with less social distancing necessary. 

Overall, the VSMT members are incredibly excited about this production and look forward to performing in the upcoming shows. With all their hard work in mind, the performance is sure to be amazing. 

If you want to watch this incredible performance about the bubbly blonde making her way through Harvard, you should hop onto the web and buy tickets to this performance. Tickets for “Legally Blonde” are on sale now and can be purchased on the Villanova website.