Club Spotlight: Nova NASSA


Courtesy of Arushi Bhatia

The Nova NASSA dance team

A.J. Fezza, Co-Culture Editor

Nova NASSA, the University’s award-winning South Asian Fusion Dance Team, has grown tremendously over the past few years. Just this year, the team has added 16 new members. 

When not performing at events on campus, the team competes at numerous intercollegiate competitions each spring semester. Earlier this semester, the team competed at the University of Pittsburgh, Case Western Reserve University and Virginia Tech. At Case Western, it won sixth place, and at Virginia Tech, it won first prize. 

Each year, the team performs an eight-to-nine minute routine telling a story. This year’s routine was an amazing spectacle based on the film “Now You See Me.” It consisted of an introduction film, followed by eight minutes of dancing with voiceovers interspersed throughout. You can watch their first place routine here.

Nova NASSA has recently been trying to incorporate more complex choreography, such as hip-hop and Bollywood styles, as opposed to just classical Indian dance. The group’s goal is to make it to two renowned national Bollywood collegiate competitions: Legends and Bollywood America.

The team is always looking to expand. There is no prior dance experience required to audition and join the team. In fact, only two or three of the students that joined NASSA this year had prior experience.

Beyond dancing, members of the club can attest that their favorite part of NASSA is the community. 

“We are there for each other in all aspects of life; it’s not all about dance,” co-captain Arushi Bhatia said. Whether it be with dancing or with schoolwork, everybody looks out for each other and lends a helping hand. The team provides a place for people to feel like they belong. 

“I feel like I found 22 of my best friends,” public relations chair Savrina Salartash said. “They’re like my second family — my home away from home — and we want to add more people to this family.”

If you’re an incoming freshman, or an upperclassman looking to try new things, consider Nova NASSA.