Horoscopes: Week of Sunday, April 26


Courtesy of Hello! Magazine

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Elena Rouse

Aries: The moon is aligning with the Aries constellation in the sky, and that can mean a few things. Emotions are undoubtedly high, which can cause a lot of impatience with those around you. Try your best to focus that negative energy somewhere else, especially on a new project or idea, because the creativity is flowing from you right about now. Take time to release those pent-up emotions. You will feel refreshed, and you will have something to show for it!


Leo: The current lack of social interaction is really taking its toll on your chattiness and excited personality. The stars’ position conveys communication vitality, and that is key for you right now. You thrive off connecting with others and collaborating with people on the daily, so make sure you are reaching out to everyone you care about to get that fill of conversation in your everyday life! 


Libra: Stay focused. Your mind is going a million miles an hour trying to make hypothetical plans for the future. This overthinking is just stressing you out and is causing you to slowly take the pressure off the gas pedal for other needs in your life. Don’t let it! The present needs all of your attention, and your future can’t form without the things you accomplish today.


Cancer: Feeling robbed? Mars’ proximity to the moon shows that you are feeling all sorts of anger and abandonment. Things aren’t going as they are supposed to be, so don’t feel like you shouldn’t embrace your emotions. It’s healthy to be upset! However, make sure that you don’t let these emotions completely take over and blind you from the silver linings in every hardship. Look closely, they’re there!


Pisces: You have been so strong in helping everyone with their problems lately. One of your most admirable qualities is your ability to listen and to understand people. Know that your efforts are making an impact! Exhaustion seems to be on the brink for you, so make sure that all that time spent helping others isn’t wearing you down too much. Taking care of yourself is important too!


Scorpio: You might be feeling unprepared for future decisions you have to make. It seems as though you have been left with little to nothing to go off of, and you are afraid of spiraling or making the wrong choice. However, you still have the most important thing to help you: your heart! Your instincts are sharp, so channel your powerful self and radiate with the confidence that is always inside of you! Once you rejuvenate that part of yourself, the answers to your questions will become much clearer. 


Taurus: You thrive off of the “work hard, play hard” motto. However, presently you aren’t sure if your work is going to give you every luxurious thing you desire out of life. The important thing to know is that even though whatever you are working at right now might not be the grand finale, it is essential to helping you grow for a better future. That growth will only help you on your next endeavor which, knowing you, will be as soon as possible and as grand as ever.


Sagittarius: It’s easy for you to bottle your emotions up and invalidate them. You think it’s the best way to cope, but lately, all of those unsaid words are taking a toll. You’re feeling stuck, but the only way to break free of that is to speak your mind. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, even speaking up about wanting to pick the night’s movie works. Your mind is amazing, so let the world hear it! 


Gemini: Mercury is causing your curiosity to itch with the desire to experience something new. This is the time to welcome that part of yourself and dive into something you know nothing about. Whether it’s a documentary, a book or even a person, take that leap and scratch that curious itch. It will make you feel refreshed and will give you something to look forward to. It will be totally worth your while!


Virgo: It seems that old flames have found their way into your life recently. Not necessarily romantic (though that is very much a possibility), but you have opened up to those you have missed. Even though you might have old wounds, this connection to your past is not a re-opening of them, but a form of healing and definitely something you’ve needed. Make sure to fully accept this new opportunity with the familiar, and you will find yourself pleased with the outcome.


Capricorn: In the next few days, your character will be called into question. One of the best things about you is your determined attitude, but don’t let the pride that comes with it upset you when the obstacle comes. You know who you are, and you never give up easily! Whatever happens, if you stay true to yourself, nothing can stop you. This is the time to rise up and show the world what you’re made of! Be tenacious and bold! 


Aquarius: It’s been an emotional time for you, and you aren’t sure how to handle these drastic emotional changes day-to-day. Anything can trigger your mood: the weather, a comment, whether or not you have a plan for the day. It’s time to take matters into your own hands. This week, challenge yourself to not let outside circumstances dictate how you feel on the inside. Once you set your mind right, it becomes easier to keep it that way.