Mid-Summer 2020 Horoscopes


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Midsummer Horoscopes

Elena Rouse, Staff Writer

Aries: You are pretty black and white — everyone knows that — but that no-nonsense attitude has been giving you a hard time lately. Now is the time to take a closer look at your beliefs and the beliefs of others to understand some new perspectives you haven’t seen before. Trust me, when you find that “aha” moment, doors of possibilities will open for you!


Taurus: Inspiration strikes! Between the eclipses that came and confusing retrograde coming up, you’ll find yourself in a flux of old ideas fusing with recent nuances. The old aspirations you had were thrown away because they were missing that “thing,” but the ladder is coming, so be on high alert and jump at all the chances for creative expression. Whatever you create will be something of which to be proud.


Gemini: Some new revelations are coming your way. Pave way for some much-needed clarity in your life. These revelations will cause a deepening of relational bonds, self-worth and understanding, so use them wisely in how you rebuild who you are. You’ve got this!


Cancer: What unexpected emotions you’re feeling! Who knew that life would take you down this road? Whether it’s about a certain someone, or you are maturing into new feelings about your future, these feelings have led you to a place in life you were not expecting to go. With that said, you now have unprecedented decisions to make. Alas, how stifling! However, you’ve never had a quiet heart, so hearing where it wants you to go shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure you give your heart what it wants!


Leo: Right now, you feel stuck in what seems like an unending perpetuation of sameness. Your heart is longing for excitement. Adventure! Newness! Anything! You want it. The good news? All that can be yours. The tougher news? It’s your job to find it, and take this advice from the stars themselves. Your adventure might be in the least likely of places, so make sure you aren’t shaking your head at any opportunities that come your way. The stars’ positions convey communication vitality, and that is key for you right now. You thrive off of connecting with others and collaborating with people on the daily, so make sure you are reaching out to everyone you care about to get that fill of conversation in your everyday life!



Virgo: Romance is in the air, or should I say the stars? Whoever you’re crushing on, now is the time to make the move, because the stars are lined up just so that it would be impossible to fail. A summer romance of your dreams is within grasp? When the stars are on your side, love comes easy!


Libra:Woah, there, is your mind on fast forward? Now is the time to focus on the little things in your life, to slow down and take a minute to breathe, to not imagine a million different future endeavors for yourself! Obviously, planning and researching are great, but when you overdo it, you just end up making yourself more stressed out. Let yourself be fully accepting of your present situation and don’t be afraid to leave the unknowns of the future as they are meant to be: unknown.


Scorpio: The fire is lit within you! Everyone knows that once a goal has been birthed in your mind, it becomes an intense passion. Though people can sometimes find your determination and zeal for success intimidating (because, let’s face it, it can be a lot for some people), this time around, they are just the haters in the background. Whatever you are striving for, keep at it. Hard work pays off, and for you and all your fiery ways? That pay-off will be big.


Sagittarius:  Let me say this loud enough so you can get it through your head: You are not a bad person for making the tough choices! Not everyone is going to be happy with you, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t better off without you. I know being in charge of yourself and of others can be tough, but when you decide something is best, it usually is. You have killer instincts and an even bigger heart, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Capricorn: Words are powerful, but do you know what’s often more powerful? Actions. Simply saying the right thing because it is supposedly what people want to hear won’t get you anywhere. Act authentically and be authentic; it’s when you’re at your best, which will in turn give you the results you desire.


Aquarius:The light at the end of the tunnel is within reach. The long fought turmoil you’ve been facing in your life is losing its steam, so it’s time to get excited! Soon enough, you’ll be free to enjoy these summer months in any way you deem fit. Little moments of pure bliss with friends and family are headed your way, when you’ll be able to find peace of mind, heart and get some much needed mental breaks before things pick back up in a few months.


Pisces:You are in desperate need of some “me time.” Life has been taking its emotional toll lately, so if the people get to be too much (as we all know how that can get), take a few hours to yourself. I’m talking soaking up the sun, reading, golfing — whatever the niche is to make you feel more connected to your inner peace.