Back to School Horoscopes: Week of August 24

Elena Rouse, Staff Writer

Aries: You are biting off a lot lately, maybe more than you can chew. Try to find what you’re really passionate about and focus in on that instead of spreading yourself too thin.

Taurus: Try to get out and experience life a little more. The intensity of your focus gets the work done, but it also prohibits you from getting out and socializing to your fullest potential.

Gemini: A lingering trouble from your past has been really tugging at you lately. If you stop pushing it away and spend time focusing on the issue, the solution will quickly reveal itself.

Cancer: There are exciting times ahead for you. Although things aren’t perfect now, know that every step you take is a step toward new friendships and beginnings, so fight through any awkwardness you may be facing.

Leo: Someone you know is hurting and is in need of your help. It would be beneficial to stop focusing so much on yourself and more on those around you. When you do, you might be surprised at what you find.

Virgo: It is time for you to put yourself out there and lead. An opportunity to rise to the occasion will make itself available to you, begging you to embrace your talents and take the chance. The result will be very positive.

Libra: There is a mystery coming your way. It might be intriguing, scary or both. Either way, it will start to make its presence known. Make sure that you stay true to who you are when trying to figure this new part of your life out.

Scorpio: Your temper will be tested this week, and, while you might have the means of winning the argument, take the time to really ponder if the consequences of being “right” will be worth it in the end. In this case, the result of winning might just be the loss of something greater.

Sagittarius: A drastic change in your life has left your heart a little emptier these days. However, with every turn in life comes new opportunities to explore parts of yourself, giving you the chance to become an even better version of you!

Capricorn: Your upcoming workload is about to exhaust you. Instead of working non-stop, make sure you take time for some rest and relaxation. Keeping a healthy mind is important!

Aquarius: A new love interest will spark for you very soon! While your independence is a great thing, don’t be so stubborn with it that you pass up something potentially awesome.

Pisces: There are questionable decision makers around you right now and it’s important to stand your ground. Instead of being so go with the flow, try to speak your mind. If those around you don’t listen or appreciate what you have to say, maybe it’s time to spend more of your time with people with a greater respect towards you.