Seasons are Changing: Horoscopes for Fall 2020


Courtesy of Elena Rouse

The colors of leaves are beginning to change in Massachusetts.

Elena Rouse, Staff Writer

Aries: The chilly air is sending chills down your spine, letting you know that someone you know is in need of some guidance. Time to slow down and take the time to give people some time and a kind word. Make sure to look out for those around you who might be silently in need.

Taurus: People have been doubting you, but don’t let their opinions slow you down. Your hard work and attention to detail will prove its worth, resulting in the satisfaction of proving those doubters wrong. Keep working towards your goal and you’ll come out on top.

Gemini: You’ve been focusing on the big picture, but it has been overwhelming. The new season might bring apple cider and pumpkin spice, but it also brings some serious stress. Try categorizing your to-do list to reduce stress in your busy life.

Cancer: The sufferings of others are heavy on your shoulders. It’s great to see your selflessness, helping your loved ones in need at a level that is above and beyond. However, be careful you aren’t taking on too much, because that can result in emotional exhaustion. The fall trees can start to wilt, but your mental health shouldn’t.

Leo: As the seasons change, so does your luck. Get ready for some fierce lucky streaks, but note that they will only come if you continue on the right path. Don’t slack. The luck will catch up to you.

Virgo: The crisp air means new beginnings, which is something you need. Take the new season as a sign to embrace something you have been putting off, and the rewards will be better than you can imagine.

Libra: Exhausted much? There is always something more to do, but with every task comes a greater sense of dread. It’s time to reignite the passions of your life, so take a breath, grab some well-deserved apple cider and take the changing leaves as a sign to once again find the joy in your work.

Scorpio: What’s better than a fall Sunday filled with football, family and comfort food? Probably nothing, but in order to feel that type of contentment, you have to get rid of those negative feelings you’ve been harboring. You are keeping how you feel about a certain situation in your life a secret. Express how you feel and that Sunday serenity will be all yours.

Sagittarius: This new season is bringing about warm-hearted happiness. You’ve been putting full effort into creating a life for yourself that you desire and it’s paying off. When surrounded by who or what is making you happiest, make sure to note how special that time of your life is.

Capricorn: When someone has as much responsibility as you, it can feel impossible to tell if you’re handling it all to the best of your ability. The autumn winds fill you with uncertainty, but soon you will understand just how great you have been doing.

Aquarius: A recent quarrel has put you in disarray. The leaves are changing and so is your mind about certain things in your life. Remember, the beauty that comes with the changing leaves, there can be equal beauty in this new outlook you are creating.

Pisces: The fall weather is a source of calm for you. Try to get outside and take in your surroundings. A lot can be gained from getting outdoors. Once you do so, you’ll get some much needed clarity.