Drive-In Concerts at Citizens Bank Parking Lot in Philly


Courtesy of Laura Tschatschula

University students at a recent concert.

Julia Stanisci, Staff Writer

If you are a lover of live music, hopefully you already know about the awesome event series that was launched in our very own City of Brotherly Love.

Live-Nation Entertainment hosted a drive-in concert series in the Citizens Bank Parking Lot, known as “Live-In Drive-In,” which was dubbed as one of the biggest musical events since COVID-19. Shows ran from Aug. 16 to Sept. 7, and it was a lovely way to bring home the summer.

The Citizens Bank stadium parking lot was turned into a lively, musical and fun stage suited for a maximum of 850 cars, with four people allowed per vehicle. Concertgoers were required to stay in their cars unless wearing a mask to use the bathroom (porta potties with wash stations outside) and music was transmitted through a drive-in movie style FM radio dial.

Refreshments and merchandise were available through an online ordering system and ticketing was completely contactless, scanned through closed car windows. Overall, the events were socially-distanced and managed effectively and smoothly, allowing for an incredible listening experience.

Sophomore Laura Tschatchula and friends saw AJR live on Aug. 20. Tschatchula reported that the experience was awesome. “AJR was super creative in the way they made it all happen, Tschatchula said. “Everyone seemed just happy to be at a concert again.”

Overall, the series was a huge hit for those in the Philadelphia area and beyond, and we hope to see more from Live Nation soon.

With COVID-19 still rampant in America and social distancing required in order for us to move forward, drive-in movies and concerts like these are growing in popularity, so do not worry if you missed this series.