2020 Fall Fashion Guide: What You Need to Know


Courtesy of Devin Toolen

This first outfit features a slip dress, a turtleneck and a jean jacket. This is a simple way to style a slip dress for the colder months. 

Devin Toolen, Staff Writer

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it’s time to dust off your sweaters, jeans and jackets and get ready for a new season of style. Fall is one of the best times of the year for fashion. The brisk northeastern temperatures are perfect for playing around with textures, patterns and sizes. However, we all struggle with changing our wardrobes from short sleeves and tank dresses in the summer to trousers and cardigans in the fall. You might be asking yourself, “Will I get too hot wearing this sweater?” or, “Is wearing white after Labor Day a fashion disaster?” You might even be struggling to figure out how to layer properly so you don’t get too hot or cold. Seasons changing can be overwhelming, but fear not. Here is a comprehensive fashion guide to help you style yourself with ease this fall.

It’s almost October, and the temperature is consistently dropping. You’re going to need to start dressing warmer when you go out to dinner with your friends. Layering is one of the easiest ways to stay warm while still looking fashionable. For example, if you have an elegant silk cami that you liked wearing over the summer, consider wearing a white baby tee or turtleneck top underneath it. Pair this with jeans to keep you warm as the nights get cold. You can get these types of layering tops from almost any store at King of Prussia or Suburban Square. This idea of incorporating a white tee under a silk shirt can also work with a slip dress you might own. Slip dresses were super popular last formal season, so don’t let that beauty go to waste. Put the white tee under your slip dress and add a pair of Doc Martens for a fancy, yet edgy look. Still cold? Throw on your jean jacket (if you go to Villanova, it’s almost certain that you have one) or an oversized blazer to drape over your shoulders to stay warm.

What about your favorite graphic tee? Don’t worry about covering it up with a sweatshirt or jacket to stay warm. Put a long sleeve basic tee underneath, French tuck your graphic tee into your jeans, throw on a pair of sneakers and you are good to go. This long sleeve tee could be plain white or black, or for some fun, try stripes. If you get hot while wearing this, simply shed the underlayer.

Now, let’s talk about one of the biggest misconceptions about fashion: white after Labor Day. Traditionally, wearing white in the fall and winter months is frowned upon by much of the fashion world, and an unwritten rule was made to not wear white again until the late spring.

I personally think this rule is ridiculous because it limits people’s options for styling. Now, I wouldn’t recommend wearing your white skinny jeans well into the fall and winter, but if you have white or off-white cargo pants or baggy jeans, try styling them with a chunky sweater for a nice cold weather fit.

We’ve gone through a lot of options for styling. However, you might be asking yourself, “What should I get to help me transition into fall weather?” You don’t need to go on a massive shopping spree and break the bank. A great place to start is Zara. Its store is now open at the King of Prussia Mall for in-store shopping. Look for solid colors, bodysuits, sweaters and vests. Don’t feel like shopping in person? Try Zara online, or a similar store called Glassons. Both of these stores are great for simple basics to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Another great idea for the fall would be to invest in some tights. Check out Calzedonia at King of Prussia to get tights to wear under your skirts or dresses when the weather gets cold.

Lastly, try a local thrift store to find some great outerwear (oversized blazers or leather coats) to throw on over any fit.

Transitioning into a new season is difficult for styling, but it also presents some fun challenges. Be creative with your current wardrobe or pick up some new pieces to give yourself some more options. Be open to layering with tee shirts or turtlenecks, and do not be afraid to take risks with your style.