Villa-Vogue: Monochrome, but Make it Fashion

Kaelin Trombly, Staff Writer

For years, wearing too much of one color in an outfit has been frowned upon in the fashion world, the goal being to wear complimenting colors but never of the same shade. While this is still a great way to pair clothing, neutral monochrome outfits have made a headway in recent trends.

A monochromatic look would be an outfit made up of many different shades, or a single shade, of the same color. For example, one could wear a pair of dark blue pants and blazer paired with a sky blue top or an olive green dress paired with flat heel sandals of the same color.

It takes no expense or effort to nail the monochrome look, yet there is something so elegant and inherently luxe about the singular color combinations.

As you can tell, I am a big fan.

The appearance of a monochrome outfit is effortless yet tasteful. It is a timeless look that is fitting for every season and every style. One key component to this is the wearer’s ability to draw more attention to the textures and patterns they use, rather than focusing on matching complementary colors.

When styling your monochrome look, have fun experimenting with different neutral tones, layering and patterns you wouldn’t typically pair together. No matter how crazy or bold the patterns may seem, the monochromatic look always tends to balance this out, allowing the overall outfit to stay as sharp as ever.

When attempting to put together a monochrome ensemble, where would one even begin? Let’s break it down.

First is the base color.

Even though this look can be done using any color imaginable, it is very important that the base is neutrally toned. That way, the color hue won’t overpower the statement of your singular color scheme look.

Once you choose a base color, add various tints and shades of the base throughout your outfit. Varying the brightness of your source hue will provide some definition and visual interest to your ensemble, while keeping everything in the same harmonious mode of color.

Once those two steps are completed, you’ve mastered the monochrome trend.

Despite the structure given above, fashion has no limits. There is no set of rules every person must follow. Whether it’s adding your own twist to the monochrome look or wearing every color of the rainbow, the possibilities of your wardrobe are endless. Just have fun with it, and use monochromatic wear as an opportunity to try new things. At the end of the day, get creative and wear whatever you want, however you want to wear it.