Villa-Vogue: An Easy Guide to Being Fashionable


Courtesy of Kaelin Trombly.

A student makes online purchases with Honey.

Kaelin Trombly, Staff Writer

College student creates an experience at their university that is incomparable to those of their peers. Despite studying in the same location, we all form different memories from different emprises that are unique on their own. No matter how different our college experiences are, there is one thing that most college students have in common: We are broke. Whether it is textbook costs that are piling up or Uber expenses that are through the roof, money can be a scarcity for many at the university level.

As a student myself, I’ve found that I have become innovative to spare my wallet from debt. Extra thousands of steps are gained each day from avoiding transportation fares, and many bagels have been smuggled from the Pit.

Regardless of the situation, college has forced me to think creatively to avoid spending money. However, on the days when money needs to be spent, every college student is on the lookout for one thing: a bargain.

Picture this.

You are walking through Suburban Square or the maze that is the King of Prussia Mall, and you come across a sweater you like. You try it on, check yourself out in the mirror for a bit and fall in love. You need this sweater. While walking to the cash register, you look at the price tag and much to your dismay, you realize it is far out of your price zone. You leave the mall without a sweater. As new trends emerge left and right in the fashion industry, it can be hard not to succumb to spending your entire bank account on a new wardrobe. Even though purchasing clothing is inevitable, there are many steps that college students can take to save money. To make your job easier, I have listed five different ways you can save while staying fashionable.

1. Student discounts. The clothing industry is aware of college students’ financial struggles, and therefore comply with discounts. Companies that offer student discounts include: ASOS, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, Top Shop, Levis and more. By signing up with UNiDAYS, students gain access to 15% off discounts from companies after verifying their student identification.

2. Thrift stores. Thrifting has become popular this past year and is a great way to save money while helping the environment. Along with the many Goodwills in the area, Good Shepherd Thrift Store and Bryn Mawr Hospital Thrift are only a quick walk away from campus.

3. Purchase higher quality staple pieces. Everyone needs a pair of jeans and simple t-shirts to wear with any outfit. These are your staple pieces. Since you wear your staple pieces most frequently, it is important to spend more money on them so they last longer. This way, you avoid the need to purchase your staples over and over.

4. Sell. Nowadays, technology has given us the opportunity to sell and buy clothing online. In the past, I have made a profit by selling my old clothes on Poshmark and Depop. Both apps are extremely easy to use and helpful when you want to replace your old clothing items with new ones. Simply download the app, make a free account and list your items.

5. Promotional codes. Searching the internet or browsing catalogs for coupon codes seems strenuous, but there are many instant promo code companies that will do the job for you. Honey, the most popular instant promo code industry, will automatically find promotional codes for you as you shop online. All you need to do is download the free Honey browser extension on your laptop, and you will never have to search for a promo code again.

While shopping for clothes can be expensive, there are many steps college students can take to save. By following these steps, anyone can wear the clothes they want while balling on a budget.