Villavogue: Top Five Beauty Trends This Fall

Kaelin Trombly Staff Writer

For these past five months of quarantine, the thought of applying a full face of makeup may seem outlandish to most. Doing your lashes for a Netflix Party date or applying your favorite lip gloss to play cards with your family seems pointless, so you allow your makeup bag to collect as much dust as possible. That is, however, until the 2020 fall beauty runways strike inspiration. From expressive eye makeup to fresh lip colors, here are the top fall makeup trends that will spark attention on your Zoom calls. 


  1. Artist Eyes: 

Forget neutral eyeshadow this season. Grab a brush and go for the bright and bold colors you would usually eschew. From the bubblegum pink shadow at the Matty Bovan show to the electric fuschia mascara at Off-White in Paris, high fashion corporations are pushing for ‘out of the ordinary’ eye looks. One example of the artist eyes trend is the over-liner look. Instead of drawing along your waterline, place your eyeliner along the hood of your eyes, preferably with a thick and bold color. 


  1. Fluffy Brows:

Despite the fact that natural brows have been in style for quite some time now, we are starting to stray away from the sharp, angled shapes as the fashion world takes on softly brushed arches. Instead of filled eyebrows, try grooming them without the excess color. 


  1. Goth-Punk:

Whether it was Gucci, Valentino, Balenciaga or Max Mara, the fall fashion runway in Milan took a punkish-turn. Believe it or not, goth touches are more glamorous than ever, and I am here for it. To achieve this vampiric trend, utilize your darker lip shades. Plum and bordeaux lip colors are thriving this fall season. A bold thick blackliner or even smudged eyeliner adds to the gothic look as well. 


  1. Blush:

Another booming trend this fall season that contrasts dramatically with the gothic style is excessive blush. I’m sure blush is incorporated into everyone’s daily makeup routines already, but this autumn season, we are amping it up tenfold. By piling on blush on the nose and cheeks, you will achieve an effortless flushed glow. 


  1. Bare Face

Last but not least, and a personal favorite, is the dewey, bare faced look. This trend is not just about wearing no makeup, but the goal is to achieve a “lit from within” look. Fresh faces with raw glows made appearances at many fall 2020 fashion shows, including Chanel, Gucci and Burberry. Simply apply taps of highlighter to the cheekbones and go for a clear lip gloss for a naturally dewy effect. 


If these five top fall beauty trends haven’t sparked enough inspiration to pull you out of your quarantine slump and to your makeup bag, I don’t know what will. Haven’t you heard? Beauty is back.