CAT Discusses Fall Events and Activities


Courtesy of Campus Activities Team

Nova Quizzo occurs weekly at the Riley Ellipse.

Matt Gaetano Staff Writer

It seems that on a campus that is quieter than ever, the Campus Activities Team’s (CAT) role is more significant than ever before.  Students are familiar with the events of CAT across campus. Events like Nova Quizzo (CAT’s take on trivia night), held every Thursday night at the Riley Ellipse, along with a weekly movie night, have become staples in the event lineup. 

In addition to these recurring activities, CAT sponsors a number of unique events. This month, most students probably noticed food trucks and fire pits set up for Community First’s Wonder-Fall Weekends. Perhaps they have also seen advertisements for a stand-up comedy event hosted in conjunction with Ridiculum, the Improv Club. Both of these events are just a sample of the fun that CAT helps bring to campus. In order to learn more about CAT’s events for this month and well last month, The Villanovan spoke with Jared Plattman, CAT’s Director of Movies.

The Villanovan: Could you explain CAT’s significance to campus?

Jared Plattman: CAT is an organization on campus that runs events for all students. We host events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

TV: As the Director of Movies, what do you do?

JP: Pretty much every Friday night, we host a movie. I work with an outside vendor who gives us a license to watch the movie for that week. We basically just play it at the Oreo. People bring their own chairs, and we provide snacks. Most of the movies are actually partnerships with other organizations on campus. I work with the executives of those clubs to bring together our groups to create an inclusive environment. 

TV: What are some other clubs with which you have worked?

JP: A few weeks ago, we worked with the Hispanic Society and showed “Coco.” We also did a collaboration with Nova Dance and showed “Now You See Me.”

TV: Do you find that it’s harder to hold events under current circumstances?

JP: It’s definitely been challenging, especially with the weather getting a little colder and all of our events having to be outside. However, I think it’s going well, and once it gets colder, we’re going to invest in giving blankets out so we can continue to hold movie nights and other events outside. 

TV: Aside from movie nights, what events did CAT hold throughout September?

JP: Every Thursday we have Quizzo, and those are also partnerships with other organizations. Some special events like the Labor Day picnic were hosted by us as well. We also had a collaboration event for a volleyball tournament. 

TV: What events do you have planned for late October?

JP: We’re doing the NovaDance Halloween movie on Oct. 30. Quizzo will continue to happen every week this month. We’re also hoping to have more live entertainment events with one of the music groups on campus.

TV: Have the events you held in September informed the events that CAT will hold throughout October?

JP: Well, I think for one thing, we have so many events and event ideas, and we can’t do them all just because of COVID-19 restrictions. So, we’re going to be better about scheduling events and not having any conflicting events in the same night. 

TV: Lastly, does CAT, have any specific goals that it hopes to achieve this year?

JP: Our goal is to provide a space for Villanova students to come with their friends to have a good time in a safe way. Also, we want to partner with organizations so that everyone on campus feels like they have things to do that they’re interested in within their organizations or simply to have things to do on the weekend.

After speaking with Jared, it is apparent that CAT has made the safety of students its priority. As the semester continues, CAT will continue to hold a series of events, including both regularly held activities and unique ones. Every CAT event, whether it be unique or recurring, is a great chance to not only get involved on campus, but also to escape the boredom that frequently lingers over campus during these difficult times.