How to Make College Sundays Like Home Sundays


Courtesy of Elena Rouse

A sophomore in Sullivan Hall watches football on a Sunday.

Elena Rouse, Staff Writer

With the fall season underway and football gaining momentum, college students are reminded of their childhood Sundays spent with family. While college brings many opportunities and experiences, what it does not offer students are the comforts of home on a fall Sunday. Although being at university might not be the same as cuddling up on a family room couch, wearing your favorite team’s jersey and enjoying a spread of food in front of you, there are some things you can do to make Sundays at college feel a little bit more like the ones at home.

Here is a list of some of the ways to cozy up your Sunday:

Turn on football. Whether you actively watch football or not, the sounds of the game were most likely the background noises of your childhood Sunday homework grind and will undoubtedly give you that home feeling. Plus, it gives you and your friends a reason to gather together and safely enjoy each other’s company.

Eat some comfort food. Everyone loves a good Sunday feast, but that’s not always readily available for college students. If your dorm room needs a little taste of home, try out Good Uncle, which is a food truck service that delivers right on campus. For all the Sunday vibes, try its buffalo chicken dip, mac and cheese and sweet chipotle chicken wings. For dessert, you can order some Insomnia Cookies.

Get cozy. Sunday is the day of rest, right? Well, that’s not technically the case for most college students with a heavy workload, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress the part. Put on your coziest sweatpants, socks and sweatshirts. Autumn Sundays have arrived.

Spend some quality time with friends. Everyone knows what it’s like to be a stressed out college student during the week. Remember to take time out of your Sunday to connect with your friends. There is nothing that prepares you for another hard week like hanging out with friends and engaging in some medicinal laughter (with football on in the background, of course).

Connect with family. For most of us, Sundays at home revolve around family. During your Sunday, reach out to someone from back home to check in. What could remind you more of home than someone who lives there? Sometimes a familiar voice is all college students need to get re-centered and ready for the week. Talking to someone you love at home will no doubt make your Sunday all the more homey.

Get some fresh air. You don’t need to do too much, as even something small like opening the window to get some crisp, fall air filtrating into your room will do the trick. Autumn weather always lightens the mood, so make sure to utilize it for your Sunday vibes.

Freshen up your room. If you’re finding you have some free time on Sunday, try doing a little tidying up around your room. Wash your sheets, fold your clothes or maybe even wipe down your desk.  Cleaning at the end of the week is good for clearing your mind and relaxing.

Do something that you love. It can be anything: play some music, read a book or attend a church service. Make Sunday a day where you celebrate something that you love to do just for yourself.

Try out a fall activity. There are so many activities that are perfect for our Autumn Sundays. Apple picking and farmer’s markets are two options in the area to try. Activities like these will undoubtedly bring you back to the childhood joy of family trips to similar places. Check out last week’s issue for the best things to do around the area in the fall.

At the end of the day, get yourself ready for the week ahead

After you have spent the day embracing all the wholesomeness Sunday has to offer, get yourself organized for the week. Once you’ve relaxed, the stresses of the week will look a lot less daunting. While Sundays at school are different than the ones at home, all these tips and tricks can help you feel some of the same comfort.