Mae Muller Set to Release New EP

Sara Hecht Staff Writer

Mae Muller is a sassy, powerhouse singer-songwriter from across the pond in London. In an online press conference on Thursday, Oct. 15, viewers were able to watch the unreleased live-performance of the song “Work Like That” and listen to Muller’s unreleased song, “Dependent.” This song will be featured on her new extended play, “No One Else, Not Even You,” which is set for release in Nov. 2020.

Muller shared that this EP, her third to be released since 2019, was inspired by a variety of emotions, stemming from budding friendships to a relationship which ended three years ago. Additionally, she hopes this new release allows her fans to get a better understanding of her, as she said it shows different sides to her character. 

However, Muller wants listeners to know that although songs like “Wish You Well” show her more sarcastic side, she is “not cold all the time, she has a heart.” 

“I want people to listen to my music and feel empowered,” Muller said, as she writes songs she wishes she could have listened to as a teenager. 

She extends her role modeling influence to Instagram, as she made a point to convey to her followers that she uses FaceTune in order to raise awareness about the behind the scenes edition most celebrities use on their platforms. She shared how girls would comment on her posts saying, “I wish I could be you,” and “I’m not pretty like you,” which led her to speak out about how popular culture enforces a naturally unattainable beauty standard that impressionable young girls believe is real. 

Muller was also vocal on mental health and productivity during this global health crisis and global COVID-19 lockdowns. She posted a video discussing her personal struggle to get motivated and creative during the early months of quarantine. 

However, Muller shared that she was able to overcome her own obstacles and engage in collaborations with other artists and complete a lot of unfinished pieces. 

“I gave myself time to feel the way I felt, and then was able to get myself back together,” she said. 

Creativity struck in different ways and led Muller to create her own publication, “Maezine,” featuring interviews with movie casts and discussions with other artists, along with some of Muller’s favorite foods, fashion designers and musicians. 

She was elated to share that in the near future, the third issue of “Maezine” will be released in-print for the first time. Past issues and interviews can be found through her Instagram @maemuller.