The Best Running or Walking Routes Around Villanova


Courtesy of Julia Stanisci.

Meadowood road is a popular running path for many University students.

Julia Stanisci, Staff Writer

Looking to take advantage of these warm November weeks or plan on how you will enjoy the crisp air when we return to campus after break? Villanova is a beautiful campus in a great area for walking or going for a run. Whether you love running, feel like you need to get some exercise, need to clear your head or are just starving for some fresh air and endorphins, there is a route for you around campus. Forget the treadmills. Who wants to sweat in the Davis Center when you could be breathing in the fresh Pennsylvania air?

One possible destination is Ithan Valley Park, which is past South Campus just two miles down S. Ithan Ave. On your way there, you will pass Radnor Valley Country Club and will find yourself running along Ithan Creek. If you are not too tired when you get to the park, you can continue your jog or take a stroll through the many trails the site offers. Offering 19 acres of nature filled with winding rivers, different types of trees and even waterfalls, the park is a peaceful place to clear your head and take a breather from school.

Another option is taking a walk or jog through the lovely neighborhoods of Bryn Mawr. Right around South Campus, there are many streets with lovely houses and beautiful scenery. If you are from a suburb, these neighborhoods might feel a bit like home. Take your first left just past Good Counsel onto Meadowood Road, and there are lots of looping horse-shoe-like, quiet, peaceful roads to stroll through. Often you will pass friendly neighbors who will always say hello and tell you to have a nice day. There are also families with cute kids and even cuter dogs.

Finally, you can take on The Neighboring College Challenge. There are three other campuses very close to Villanova: Rosemont College, Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College. First up, and closest by far, is Rosemont College, just 0.3 miles away.

Head up North Ithan, past the Davis Center and make the first right after you go under the little tunnel onto Curwen Road. Continue down Curwen until you see Rosemont. You cannot miss it. Once you reach the campus, you can run through and take in all of the sights before making your way back to Villanova, or, if you are feeling up to it, continue on to college #2: Bryn Mawr.

Bryn Mawr College is another mile from Rosemont (around 1.5 miles away from Villanova). It can be reached by heading down W. Montgomery Ave and hanging a left on North Roberts Road, or you can cut through Ashbridge Memorial Park. Bryn Mawr College’s campus is beautiful and an exciting change of scenery from our own campus. If you have even more energy to spare, you can head to college #3: Haverford.

Haverford College is a hike, as it’s 2.3 more miles away from Bryn Mawr College (a whopping 3.4 from Villanova). So, if you decide to go all the way to Haverford and back, you will be running at least 7 miles in total (half of a half marathon).

From Bryn Mawr, Haverford is down New Gulph Road (turns into W. Montgomery) and then across Lancaster Ave. You will pass the scenic Sharpe Park & Bird Sanctuary on your way before finally hitting the gorgeous Haverford, which you can explore and stroll around before heading home.

Whether you are an avid runner or just want a little stroll, these are all great options. You can hit them all in one day or work your way up one at a time, seizing the opportunity to see some other beautiful campuses, spice up your jogs and get an idea of what campus life is like at the colleges around us.

Whether you decide to hit the parks or neighborhoods around South Campus or sojourn to another university, you will be sure to get your daily dose of fresh air and take advantage of the charming area around our home.