Gender-Neutral Fashion: Blurring the Ideas and Lines Between Masculine and Feminine Clothing


Courtesy of Devin Toolen

This outfit features a cool graphic tee, a button up shirt, Nike shoes anda bucket hat.

Devin Toolen, Staff Writer

We’ve all seen baby showers that are celebrated with pink decorations for girls and blue decorations for boys. That might even be how your parents adorned your room as a child, with colors or items that were associated with gender. There has always been a clear separation between masculine and feminine. Even in fashion, we see a distinction between men’s and women’s clothing. However, times are changing, and gender barriers are starting to crumble.

Through fashion, people are beginning to express themselves in ways that would have been criticized in the past. It’s time to break societal fashion norms and dress based on personal preference, regardless of gender.

This sounds cool, right? But where do we start?

A good and simple way to begin forgetting about gender norms is to shop in whatever section of a clothing store that you want. Most clothing stores in malls only have men’s and women’s sections. Don’t worry about that. If you see an article of clothing in any section that interests you, try it on. The only thing that truly matters when it comes to clothing is finding the size that fits you.

If you’re looking for specifically gender-neutral clothing brands, here are a few to try.

First, look at Lonely Kids Club. This online brand offers many styles of graphic tee shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and pants. Its styles are great for relaxing in your dorm while taking online classes.

Next, check out Wildfang. Wildfang offers amazing button up shirts, pants and other key items. Its styles are more expensive but worth it. If you are looking for sportswear or swimwear, try Outplay. This Miami-based brand offers tons of options based on use or coverage. Another really great online store that is one of my personal favorites is Petals and Peacocks. This online store, like Lonely Kids Club, has great graphic tees, sweats and accessories. Its styles are bold and fun and feature positive messages. It’s also important it to note that some stores in the mall like Pacsun and H&M have unisex sections, which are great for finding pieces that you might want.

Another great way to shop gender-neutral is to thrift shop. Thrift stores usually have distinct men’s and women’s sections. However, with seemingly endless racks, it’s easy to keep walking without paying attention to what section you’re in. When browsing the aisles, pull out items that strike your interest. If you find something that you like, get it.

To create a gender-neutral outfit, I would style cargo pants or jeans with a graphic tee, button down short sleeve and a bucket hat. I would pair this with Nike shoes and a belt bag.

Another option could be a tank top with a short sleeve button up, a zip up hoodie, shorts and Converse high tops. These outfits would be stylish while completely disregarding gender.

It can be fun to blur lines between masculinity and femininity through clothing. The key is to disregard others’ opinions about your fashion choices. Obviously, that is a lot easier said than done. However, fashion is one of the most basic forms of freedom of expression. There are no rules with clothes. You get to decide what you wear and how you wear it. With that, have fun with different styles and play around with your clothing. Be creative and try things that take you out of your comfort zone.