Advice for Freshmen Who Want to Rush a Sorority


Courtesy of Alice Ke

Members of Alpha Chi Omega pose in their new letters on bid day.

Elena Rouse, Staff Writer

The time is coming when many freshmen on campus will decide to partake in rushing for a sorority. The weeks leading up to rush are often filled with rumors, uncertainty and whispers about the different sororities and what they are like.

As someone who rushed as a freshman, I know how overwhelming it can be to begin the process with nothing but snippets you hear from the nervous chatter of other freshmen. To help cope with the uncertainty, here are some pieces of advice to remember when considering rushing this winter.

First, it is all about the feeling. You will be your own worst enemy if you go into rush with decisions already lined up. A sorority’s name or overheard “reputation” is trivial and means nothing compared to how you bond with the people you meet. What is important is how you feel when you are talking to the girls and whether you feel at ease. Do not base your decision off of what you think will be “coolest” or what you had hoped would work out. Instead, focus on where you feel you fit best.

If you meet someone who is in a sorority, do not be afraid to tell her you want to rush. All the sororities are so excited to meet new girls and bring people into their family. We understand everything you are feeling and want to help. However, be sure to steer clear of bringing up the stereotypes of sororities and asking what the “top tier” sororities are because chapters want to hear that you are excited to find your new home, and they want people to choose their sorority based only off of what their heart is telling them.

Going in blind is not a bad thing. You do not need to know everything about the sororities before you start rushing. Actually, knowing only little can help you better find what you are looking for because you are not distracted from external factors.

However, if you are looking for some information, I highly recommend following all the chapters’ social media pages. You can get an understanding of what each chapter is about and information on events the chapters might be running, which is a chance for you to meet more girls.

Do not overthink it. Rush can be a lot to handle, but your greatest ally is your gut instinct. Just trust yourself and your preferences. Be confident, no matter if friends of yours have different experiences than you. You will know what feels right.

Going along with the last point, do not get too caught up in what all your friends are saying. Rush is a very personal experience, and here at Villanova, best friends can span across all sororities. Girls do not limit themselves to spending time with just their other sisters, so do not feel like you have to pick a sorority that all your friends are liking. If you end up somewhere different, that is because you were meant to, and it is an opportunity to meet new people.

If you get dropped by a sorority at any point, do not fret. It is all a part of the mutual selection process. Do not take it personally because it happens to the majority of girls at some point. Although it might be disappointing at first, just take it as a mere step in the process of finding where you are truly meant to belong on campus.

At the end of the day, what is most important is staying true to yourself. Listen to what your heart is telling you and be authentic. Whoever you are is enough and will lead you to the right place for you.

Rush is as equally thrilling as it is terrifying, but know that all the sorority members at the University know how you feel. Just remember that just as much as you want to make a good impression on us, we want to make a good impression on you. The process is a give and take.

I remember how it feels to be on your side, and there are a lot of emotions that can build up, but I will leave you with what someone told me. Just remember to take a breath, let go of what you can’t control and try to enjoy the process. It will all work out how it is supposed to.