An Inside Look into the Business in Healthcare Society

Madeline Holobinko Staff Writer

As a new organization, the Business in Healthcare Society (BIHS) has worked this year to inform its members on trends in the business sector of healthcare by providing cross-sectional opportunities. Through panels, workshops and information sessions organized by BIHS, members have been able to learn from and network with alumni, professionals and firms in the field. The Villanovan spoke with the society’s president, sophomore Van To, to learn more about what BIHS has to offer. 

The Villanovan: Can you give an overview of what the Business in Healthcare Society is?

Van To: Business in Healthcare Society focuses on the intersection of healthcare and business. Our goal is to expose Villanova students to untapped business opportunities within the healthcare industry and inspire future leaders on maintaining corporate ethics. We act upon these goals by organizing networking events, education training and real-world engagements. 

TV: What are some of the firms that the society has been connected with?

VT: As a new organization, we are very happy to receive support from leaders of pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, biotechnology companies and many more. Some of the popular names are Penn Medicine and GeoVax. 

TV: Can you talk about some of the guest speakers and panels the society has had this semester?

VT: This semester, we have successfully organized the first panel, Effects of COVID-19 to the Business in Healthcare Industry. We are very grateful to receive huge support from the professionals who are CEOs, Directors and Vice Presidents at popular hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. 

TV: How important are industry discussions to the society?

VT: Learning and staying updated on the healthcare trends are really important to us, one of our goals for this club. As a VSB student, I have noticed that VSB is very strong in banking and accounting, but students have not really known about diverse opportunities in the healthcare industry, even though we have some big firms coming to recruit. Additionally, Philly is a great healthcare hub that students can take advantage of. Therefore, we hope to raise interests by letting them know more about the special things about healthcare. 

TV: What are some of the skills the society helps students develop?

VT: For this semester, we are focusing on developing ground knowledge about the healthcare industry for students. Additionally through virtual events, with a friendly and engaging environment, we always encourage students to practice their networking, especially digital networking, and communication skills. 

TV: How has COVID-19 impacted how the society runs?

VT: It is very challenging for our club because our I am studying remotely in Vietnam. Therefore, I sometimes need to wake up at 2:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m. in the morning to be at our events or meetings because of the time zone difference. However, since all of the executive board are really passionate about this club, we were able to pull through this semester very successfully with high team spirit and effective team meetings. 

TV: What are some of the goals that the society has for the future?

VT: For the next semester, we will have another big event for people from different majors to understand different career paths within the Healthcare industry. Additionally, we are hoping to connect students and build long-term relationships with more different healthcare firms. In the long run, after getting enough students to stick with the club, we are going to organize real-world engagements like treks or projects for local firms. 

TV:  How can someone become a member of the society?

VT: Students can reach out to us at [email protected] or on our Instagram, @villanovabihs.