Villanova Buildings as Taylor Swift Songs


Hayden Karnes/ Villanovan Digital

Want to know which Taylor Swift song represents each building on campus? Tune into this article.

Emma Cahill, Co-Culture Editor

As the campus Swifties get ready for the end of finals and Taylor Swift’s arrival to Philadelphia, this article describes which Taylor Swift song represents various buildings at Villanova. 

Connelly Center- “Holy Ground” For all students grabbing their morning bagel or their mid-day caffeine kick, the Connelly Center Holy Grounds is one of the most popular hot spots on campus for meals. So, it is undeniable that the Connelly Center is associated with this famous song off of Taylor Swift’s fourth album, “Red.” Pop in your headphones, and listen to this song when hopping in line for coffee; it is a major mood booster and will not disappoint. 

Stanford Hall- “Fifteen” Stanford Hall, the largest freshman dorm on campus, is home to the origin stories of many friendships on Villanova’s campus. Whether it is home to fabulous memories with your roommate or a spontaneous friendship with your next-door neighbor, many Villanovans can reflect back upon a time where they met their dearest friends in this building. “Fifteen” tells the sentimental story of Taylor Swift growing up and meeting her best friend, Abigail. This song has the vibe for all the nostalgic memories made in Stanford Hall. 

Falvey Library- “This Is Me Trying” Picture this: it’s 3 A.M. You have three exams and a paper due tomorrow. You’re just trying your best to keep it all together. We’ve all been there before, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, leading to a few tears being shed on the third floor of the library. This song is the anthem for all stressed Villanovans pulling late-night study sessions in Falvey. Don’t worry, Villanovans; finals will soon be over and you’ll take a well-deserved vacation from the library. But for now, you’ll be jamming out to this depressing tune in Falvey. 

The Commons- “Gorgeous” The Commons: beautiful stone buildings on Lancaster Ave. that were recently built in 2019. All who live there bask in the luxury of living in one of the nicest buildings on campus. Taylor Swift’s song “Gorgeous” is the anthem of all who live in the Commons’ beautiful environment.

Moriarty Hall, Delurey Hall and O’Dwyer Hall – “Exile” Known for their location on the outskirts of campus, it is undeniable that Moriarty Hall, Delurey Hall and O’Dwyer Hall are somewhat in exile compared to the rest of campus. Eek. My sincerest apologies to all who had to manage with the longer walks to class. The distance to Campus Corner is a plus, though. To all residents of these dorms, grab an order of Zilly fries and jam out to this relatable tune.

Tolentine Hall – “Long Live” There is a reason why people say “If you don’t take a class in Tolentine, you won’t graduate.” As the oldest and largest academic building on campus, Tolentine Hall has been a Villanova staple for quite some time now. So, long live all the classes that Villanova students have braved over the years in this iconic building. Whether it was the four flights of stairs climbed early in the morning, or a required Spanish class, all Villanovans can raise tribute to a class they have taken at Villanova in Tolentine.

The Quad Dorms – “I’m Only Me When I’m With You” Twin dorms Sullivan Hall and Sheehan Hall would be lost without each other. Together, they make up one of the most iconic places on campus: the Quad. This song, featured on Taylor Swift’s debut album, is the perfect anthem for these two buildings, whose connection to each other makes them a hot spot for sophomores and one of the best places on campus.