A Love Letter to Junior Year at Villanova


Courtesy of Tallulah Laska

The Villanovan staff writer Tallulah Laska reflects on her junior year at Villanova.

Tallulah Laska, Staff Writer

Dear Junior Year, 


Hi. I’m writing because I cannot believe that finals are upon us. Somehow, my third year at the best college in the world is coming to an end. This year has probably been the most insane, fun and entertaining year yet. 


I lived on West Campus, in Gallen 313 (how is that already past tense?), with some of my best friends. We truly made our apartment feel like home, from always having homemade flower arrangements on the dining table to hosting our friends over for big group dinners. 


I definitely had my fair share of struggles. Even though this year was the hardest so far, I am devastated that it is over. In the last nine months, I traveled to two new countries, learned a new language, made more friends than I can count and more. I even got to fly an airplane over campus (literally, I took the wheel for a few minutes). 


Right now, we are all going through the thick of finals. The hardest part of the year makes me long for the day I can turn in my last exam and drive home. But somehow, every so often, I am reminded of how quickly college is passing by. 


I am living in an off-campus house this summer and throughout my senior year, so these are my last few days of living on campus. Though I say I will not miss the late-night chicken tenders from St. Mary’s, I know one day I will be longing for this. 


Ending junior year is weird as I am not quite nostalgic for college because it does not feel like it is almost over. At the same time, I am about to be a senior. My grandparents keep asking me when they can book a hotel for graduation next year. (You are joking, right? I am not graduating next year. No way.) 


I guess what I am trying to say is that I am going to miss you, Junior Year. You were good to me. We had our ups and downs, from watching the women’s basketball team make it to the Sweet Sixteen to failing a test. I would fail a test one hundred times over if it meant having a junior year this wonderful. 


To the seniors, I am sorry you have to say goodbye to Villanova so soon. I cannot believe I will be in your shoes in just one short year. To my underclassmen friends, do not blink. Before you know it, you will be moving off campus and preparing for graduation. Everyone says college goes by fast, and it really does. You just do not notice until it is almost over.


In the words of Taylor Swift, I was enchanted to meet you, Junior Year. You were magical. Everything I wished for and more. I cannot believe you are over already. I love you; I miss you; thank you.


All my love,