Ode to the Quad


Graydon Paul/ Villanovan Photography

The Quad is home to Villanova sophomores who live in Sullivan and Sheehan Hall.

Emma Cahill, Co-Culture Editor

Sophomore year in the Quad is a rite of passage for many Villanova students. After spending a year in either of the twin dorms, Sullivan Hall or Sheehan Hall, Villanova sophomores reflect back on their experiences spent in the Quad. Many students will dearly miss the Quad and the memories made in these residence halls.

The Quad is often regarded as the heart and soul of campus. Many students appreciate the Quad’s ideal location on main campus near many academic buildings, dining halls and student centers. Because of this, it is often a gathering place for sophomores on campus who like to throw around a football or grab lunch outside on the stone benches. Sophomore Meredith Sheftel admired this part of her experience living in Sheehan, appreciating the Quad’s prime location.

“It is the most convenient place to live on campus since it feels so central to everything,” Sheftel said. “It makes campus feel so lively, especially when it’s nice outside and everyone is sitting outside playing music and just enjoying our time together.”

The Quad’s vibrant energy and role as a gathering place for sophomores also makes it a great people-watching location. Sophomore Marin Hillis’ dorm room is home to a great people watching spot, and she will greatly miss this next year.

“Living in the Quad has been such an experience and has been especially great, as my room is arguably the best people watching spot on campus,” Hillis said. “Although I’m excited for next year, I am definitely going to miss my home in Sheehan Hall.”

Since the Quad is home to most sophomores on campus, there is always a friendly face strolling down the hall. Many students appreciate this interconnectedness in their residence hall. Sophomore Ella Forese discussed her experience living in the Quad and enjoyed that aspect of community in her hall.

“Living in the Quad has been great because every time I walk through my hall, I see friends and familiar faces from classes and my sorority,” Forese said. “I will definitely miss the sense of connection to the sophomore class that you feel when you live in the Quad.”  

At the end of the day, Sullivan Hall and Sheehan Hall are not just residence halls; they hold core memories for Villanova sophomores. It is truly a bonding experience having all sophomores live together, and it fosters a strong sense of kinship in each hall of these dorms. 

Sophomore Ainsley Klein regarded her time in the Quad as one of her favorite memories at Villanova. Klein recalled her experience with friendship during her time living in Sheehan Hall. 

“Some of my greatest memories have been in the Quad,” Klein said. “From late night conversations to movie nights to playing cards, I could not imagine my college experience without these experiences and friends. Although it’s a small space, it is so nice being near all of the other sophomores and it really does help strengthen your friendships.”

Living in the Quad is a quintessential part of many students’ experience at Villanova. As the school year wraps up, Villanova sophomores will have a hard time parting ways with Sullivan Hall and Sheehan Hall. The ever vibrant and lively setting of the Quad will always be there to allow students to reminisce about their sophomore year as they go through Villanova. But for now, it is time to say goodbye to the Quad and appreciate all the memories it has brought Villanova sophomores.