Villanova’s SAMOSA and VISO Celebrates Holi


Villanova’s SAMOSA celebrated Holi at the Oreo.

Tallulah Laska, Staff Writer

Spring is here, Villanovans, and so is Holi. On Sunday, March 26th, Villanova SAMOSA and VISO hosted its annual Holi Celebration in the middle of campus, next to the Oreo.

SAMOSA is Villanova’s South Asian Multicultural Organized Student Association, and the group focuses on bringing together Indians at Villanova while also sharing their culture with all Villanovans. VISO is Villanova’s International Student Organization and was founded in 2008. The club works to build lasting relationships with the international student body. 

Holi is the Hindu festival of colors, love and spring. Holi works to commemorate the end of winter and to mark the beginning of spring. Holi is celebrated by dancing, powdered color fights and colorful water fights. This is exactly what SAMOSA and VISO had in store for its on-campus Holi Celebration. 

With more than 140 tickets sold, SAMOSA and VISO were prepared to celebrate with hundreds of t-shirts, powdered color and colored water with water guns. SAMOSA and VISO gave each attendee a white shirt and a bag of color and allowed everyone onto the field behind the Oreo. “Fights” soon broke out in the crowd, with powder flying everywhere and no one safe from the wrath of the water guns. 

SAMOSA’s co-president, sophomore Anushka Ramgounda, explained that the event was the organization’s way of sharing the Hindu culture with Villanovans who are interested in participating and learning more. SAMOSA also wanted to spread the festival’s bright and colorful energy with all of campus. By hosting the celebration at the Oreo, it was clear that all passersby were invited. 

“We partner[ed] with VISO for this, which is Villanova’s International Student Organization,” Ramgounda said. “Combined, we worked on logistics together, which is getting the water guns, ordering the shirts and ordering the colors.”

The celebration was no small event. The field was full of people and color, and there was no lack of smiles on participants’ faces. SAMOSA stressed that they want the event to be inclusive of everyone, as they want to share the celebration with all Villanovans. 

“Anytime we have an event, come and enjoy,” Ramgounda said. “In the fall we do a big show, as well. It’s one of the most popular shows on campus, and in the spring, we have our Holi Celebration.” 

The event was a hit, attracting people from all over campus. Villanovans walking by the Oreo were encapsulated by the event unfolding before them, with many even stopping to participate. There were also a few families involved, with a few adorable children running around in too-big shirts with giant bags of powdered color. 

After the color and water fight, all event attendees were invited to a traditional Indian meal catered by a traditional Indian restaurant. 

Overall, SAMOSA and VISO’s Holi Celebration kicked off spring in a crowd of laughter, smiles and color. Everyone in attendance had fun throwing powdered color at friends and strangers alike. There were even people with powdered color poured onto their hair. Everyone walked away from the event covered head-to-toe in powder, some also soaked with water. 

Though its larger spring event has concluded, SAMOSA is avidly planning its upcoming fall events. Anyone interested in joining SAMOSA can send a direct message to its Instagram, @VillanovaSamosa.