What’s in store for your star sign? Check out your horoscopes for this month!

Chloe Miller, Co-Culture Editor

Aries– This weekend left you feeling renewed and recharged. Harness that energy into a productive week. You have big goals, and you are able to achieve them but only if you consistently put in the effort. Do not let the small victories along the way go unnoticed. Continually strive for the next best thing. This hard work will pay off.  

Taurus– Do you feel like you are attempting to dodge punch after punch? You are not alone, Taurus. Life seems to be throwing every possible obstacle your way, and you are unsure how you will manage the stressful situations that continue to arise. As you have experienced, things will always sort out the way they are supposed to. Continue to dodge these punches and hold out hope for unexpected joy in life. You will be stronger for it in the end.  

Gemini– There are many loose ends in your life right now. You might be feeling frustrated that you cannot tie them up easily. Rather, shift your focus from trying to direct things you cannot control towards allowing yourself to ride the wave. Remember that even if the opportunities you feel are supposed to come to you do not, take this new direction as a breath of fresh air.  

Cancer– This week, take time to reevaluate where you see the direction of your future headed. Do your passions align with your professional endeavors? If not, how can you merge your skills with your personal desires to create more meaningful work? You will find that there will be greater excitement towards your future if you feel exuberant about the path you are forging forward.  

Leo– It is time to be real. Identify the main factors in your life that you are unsatisfied with. Could there be a common thread? Could that common thread be yourself? Are you in the way of your own happiness? Take this time to look inward and reflect on the roles you hold within your relationship. How do you influence others’ happiness? Could you be a negative factor in these relationships you are a part of? Spend time with yourself to understand the world around you. 

Virgo– You are feeling overwhelmed. You are the type of person that puts a lot of responsibilities on your own plate. This leaves you feeling burnt out. It is time to reevaluate. What are the important nonnegotiable responsibilities and what are things that just aren’t serving you anymore. Although it may be hard letting go of these responsibilities that you put on yourself will free up time to focus your energies on what is most fruitful.  

Libra– When it comes to love, things may seem especially confusing right now. Mixed signals are plentiful and your ability to decipher them is lacking. Allow yourself to follow your intuition. Let your guard down and stop your mind from wandering. What is right for you will come to you. Stop chasing and allow your guards to be let down for the time being. Love might just be right around the corner.  

Scorpio– This week is all about learning the art of boundaries. Professionally, the best word you can understand is ‘no.” Learning your capacity will allow you to devote time to things that bring you joy and are internally important. Saying no is not a bad thing, rather, it is a way for you to harness control over the trajectory of your future. Personally, you must be aware of when a relationship has expired. Although it may be easy to continually let the same people in because you care about them, there comes a point where you need to be selfish. Ask yourself: is this relationship serving me or are you clinging onto the past? 

Sagittarius- You might be having a case of the Sunday scaries, except it may be extended throughout this week. It is time to rethink how you structure your time as you may find yourself indulging too much in your personal vices. This week it is essential that you lay low. Find time to connect with yourself and others in positive ways. These vices have left you with a bad taste in your mouth about yourself. Having a productive reset will wash away this sour taste.  

Capricorn– Something is about to rock your world. It might not be exactly what you have been hoping for, but it is exactly what you need. You are going to have a conversation this week that will later your mind. We encourage you to let it take you by storm and expand your horizons. These moments of realization are invaluable, and this week will have a profound effect on how you continue to move forward with your life.  

Aquarius– No one experiences the world in more color than you do, Aquarius. You have the ability to see the joys in everyday life. Continue to take it in. Right now, life is especially exciting. Accept these moments of excitement and color. After a dull winter, this vibrance is exactly what you have been needing. Spread this color to those around you and bring joy to the relationships in your life.  

Pisces– It is all happening for you. Everything is starting to align within your world, Pisces. This may be exciting but take it with a grain of salt. What has come to you can easily be taken away. Continue to fill your own cup and not be blinded by the outside excitements that may be coming to you. Professionally, personally, and emotionally, things are working out. Allow yourself to relish in this happiness, but do not let your guard down just yet.