Conn At Night: Winter Gala in Review


Natalie Zickel/Villanovan Photography

Students of all classes enjoyed the ambiance of the Winter Gala.

Sofia Krzewicki, Staff Writer

On Friday, February 17, Villanova students gathered at the completely transformed Connelly Center for an evening to get dressed up, dance and indulge themselves in a wide variety of delectable desserts from mango cheesecake bites to mini Froot Loop cupcakes. 


“Villanova went all out on the gala and transformed Conn into a space that was almost unrecognizable,” freshman Kelsey Hearns said.


The annual Winter Gala proved to be a spectacular event. The Connelly Center was a versatile space to hold such an event. Every possible nook and cranny was impressively decorated and utilized as venues for various entertainment. 


As Jordan Baker, the amateur golfer from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, quips, “I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” 


One could easily get lost in the dancing in The Villanova Room or in the corridors of the art gallery-turned-casino. It was fun to see peers dressed up in their personal best, as Conn was an eclectic Met Gala carpet of sorts, everything from illustrious floor-length dresses and stilettos to Chuck Taylors and Polo shirts. 


Students showed up and showed out. All of Villanova’s Orientation Steering Committee was in attendance for the event. One of these members was junior Ryan Maloney.


“I had a really good time with my friends at the gala,” Maloney said. “It was nice to have an on-campus event and hang out with friends that I don’t typically get to see.” 


There were plenty of opportunities for entertainment. On the bottom floor, The Villanova Room was transformed into a dance floor with blue and white decor (of course), and there was a mini buffet. For students 21 and over, alcoholic beverages were provided. 


In Belle Aire, students could get photos taken with friends.


“[It] definitely made it easier to get pictures and made for some fun souvenirs,” sophomore Lexie Zulaga said. 


Peppered in this space were high and low-top tables for students to sit and enjoy their food or wait in line for a photo with Father Peter. 


A tent served as an extension to the bottom level floor. Inside the tent were comfy white couches with icicle-looking light-up decorations and long tables with various desserts, which also provided another entrance and exit to the dance floor. Everything flowed nicely and everything felt new upon turning a corner as there was something worth exploring. 


The top floor by the art gallery, which was transformed into a casino with Blackjack tables, Roulette tables and a live band, was the place to be at the Winter Gala. It had a 007 quality, thanks to the dim-lit casino vibe. The top floor added a level of sophistication as it helped the event maintain its title as a “gala” event. Students played for chips, which could be “cashed in” to enter a lottery for a $100 Amazon gift card. While still casual, as students laughed and cheered each other on at various games, mingled with the dealers, and nodded along to the band’s tunes, there was something avant-garde about the top floor. 


In all, the Winter Gala was a fun event worth looking forward to and a great opportunity to engage with fellow peers and faculty.