Super Bowl Sorrows: Students React to Eagles’ Loss

Chloe Miller and Emma Cahill, Co-Culture Editors

Greased poles. One hundred dollar covers. A packed Broad Street.

Sunday night brought excitement and anticipation to the city of Philadelphia and Villanova’s campus. However, many students did not get the outcome or fun they had hoped for.

Following the Eagles’s loss in Super Bowl XLVIII, Villanova students have had a multitude of reactions to this year’s game. While many students anticipated a win for the Eagles, there seems to be a sense of sadness surrounding the atmosphere on campus. Villanova is home to many die-hard Eagles fans, those of whom are mourning the loss of their precious team. 

One of these devoted fans is junior Matt Ryan, who described his reaction to the devastating loss. 

“As a lifelong Eagles fan, Sunday night was incredibly tough,” Ryan said. “My family came into town to watch the game with me, and the ride back to Philly was quiet and sad. It’s days like today that make me appreciate everything else happening around me, something I can regrettably lose sight of from time to time.”

 Being just a 20-minute train ride away from Philadelphia, a loss for the Eagles means no parade or festivities for students to take part in. With the excitement surrounding going into the city, and even professors mentioning canceling class for this momentous occasion, the excitement in the air was definitely exterminated by the aftermath of the Super Bowl. 

Carlie Pollice was one of these students who was anticipating this epic celebration. Pollice described their disappointment in this outcome and the loss of this celebration. 

“I had myself so hyped up before the game that I didn’t even think about the possibility of losing,” Pollice said. “As someone who isn’t typically a football fan, I was really into this game because of the excitement and potential fun it brought to campus. Our room was super quiet when we realized it would be a normal five-day school week.”

Even for those who are not fanatic Eagles fans, this game still represents a loss. During their time at Villanova, many students have developed an affinity for Philadelphia sports teams even if they are not from Pennsylvania. This is the case for sophomore and Illinois native Lauren Klein.

“I am from Chicago, and our sports teams have been quite disappointing,” Klein said. “So, even though I was upset to see the Eagles lose, it was cool to see Philly’s team go so far and all the excitement from the fans” 

Despite all of the pro-Eagles sentiment on campus, there are definitely a few outliers who were happy to see the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in the game. Junior Sola Dugbo is currently celebrating the Chiefs’ win. 

“As a Kansas City native going to school outside Philly, I was torn by this weekend’s game,” Dugbo said. “I wore my Chiefs jersey to the Wells Fargo game and received lots of hate so it felt good to win the game. I have been waiting for a Chiefs Super Bowl for two years and I knew this would be it. I just hate that it had to be against Philly.”

Although the Super Bowl did not go the way most Villanovans thought and hoped it would, it was still an opportunity to gather together and have a good time. 

Sophomore Eagles fan Lindsey Nemeth reflected on her memory of this past Super Bowl, and focuses on the good times. 

“Despite the loss, I view sports as a way to bring people together,” Nemeth said. “Having my whole family together to watch the Super Bowl is a night I will never forget. Watching the NFC championship surrounded by friends in a crowded dorm room was another core memory made here at Villanova.”

Although Philly might not have a parade this year, students will stay hopeful for the next, and never lose sight of a Philadelphia victory. To all those who celebrate, happy Super Bowl.