Club Spotlight: Nova Snowcats


Courtesy of @novasnowcats Instagram

Villanova student Joel Woeste is featured on the Instagram page of the Nova Snowcats.

Zoe Manning , Staff Writer

Calling all skiers and snowboarders. Snowcats, Villanova’s ski and snowboard club, is currently recruiting new members. 

Snowcats is a new club that is entirely different from the previous club team that once existed at Villanova. It is completely recreational, and the club team once participated in competitive races. Emily Cahill, the club’s VP of Marketing, shared why she was interested in forming a club like Snowcats.

“Once Covid impacted clubs and activities, the Club team was disbanded,” she said. “Now, as a junior, I want to help create something that I can be a part of in my last few semesters, but also have it for those in the grades below me to continue for years to come. I know skiing and snowboarding are important to so many students on campus, so I want us all to have the opportunity to go do what we love.” 

Cahill also explained that the club’s “relaxed approach” is why people should feel inclined to join Snowcats, since “[they’re] all about having fun and doing what you love on the mountain, safely of course.” 

During the spring semester, there will be fundraising events and at least three trips to the Pocono Mountains while they remain open. In the fall, students can look forward to more fundraising events, potential indoor skiing, tubing and group bonding events to get to know other members of the club. It is important to note that students do not need to have their own equipment here on campus with them to participate, since the mountains offer rentals for skis, poles, boots and boards. According to Cahill, “…all students really need is a helmet and their winter clothes.”

If a student is interested in joining Snowcats, they can become a club member by joining the GroupMe linked in the club’s Instagram bio and regularly attending meetings this semester. 

The Snowcats executive board consists of Cahill, President Elizabeth York and VP of Finance Lili Kopack. Cahill explained that the reason the group wanted to start Snowcats stems from their childhood enjoyment of winter sports.

“The three of us grew up skiing and snowboarding and wanted a way to do that with others on campus,” she said. “With no club team anymore, we decided to create a club. That way, everyone who has grown up skiing/snowboarding, or wants to take a trip, has the ability to.” 

Students can find out more information about Snowcats and their upcoming events, trips, and fundraisers by checking out their Instagram, @novasnowcats. Forms, waitlist details for trips, and other information can be viewed by joining the club’s GroupMe through the link in their Instagram bio. 

In the meantime, be on the lookout for Snowcats’ next event on Wednesday, February 1, where they will be selling Chick-fil-A sandwiches in Bartley Hall.