Spread the Spirit: Villanova’s Guide to the Holidays


Courtesy of Greta Horgan

Villanova students are enjoying the holiday season while on campus.

Tallulah Laska, Staff Writer

Grab your hot cocoa and put on your favorite Hallmark movie, it is that time of the year again. Whether you spend the holidays by the fireplace or on the beach, this season is universally known for laughter, joy and love. If one is in need of holiday inspiration or just wants to get in the spirit, look no further.


Every family has its own traditions, and that is what makes the holiday season so special. Whether it’s giving and receiving gifts, sharing a meal or watching a movie, it does not matter exactly what this month looks like, as long as one is surrounded by people they love. 


“[My family] has started going to Bryant Park Winter Village in NYC, walking around to the different vendors, buying food and taking pictures by the [Rockefeller] tree,” senior Sofia Lopez said. “I love seeing people out holiday shopping and doing winter activities.” 


Being in a community can be the most rewarding part of the holidays. Although students may not be on campus for Christmas and New Year’s, the Villanova community spirit can be felt all month long. With the Christmas tree lighting and new holiday decorations in each building, there is no lack of spirit on campus. 


Villanovans curate their holiday spirit in the first few weeks of December, making their time on campus joyous and warm. Junior Caroline Colgan discussed how she likes to spread the spirit by doing gift exchanges with her friends. 


“I always love doing secret Santa or white elephant with my friends,” Colgan said. “It really helps to bring holiday spirit to Villanova since we are not on campus for the holidays.” 


Gift exchanges are not the only way to spread holiday spirit. On and off campus, there are events that can add some holiday twinkle to the final weeks of the semester. The annual Christmas tree lighting brings the community together, and the Campus Activities Team’s (CAT) trip to NYC takes the community to see New York’s holiday festivities. Villanova’s holiday village brings a tradition found almost everywhere: holiday shopping and eating with friends and family. 


Another holiday classic is music. Holiday music has always been something that bridges people of all faiths and backgrounds. You can hear holiday music playing in the Connolly Center, and it is likely that there will be Villanovans singing along from their respective tables. 


Junior Annie Dudrear explains how much of an impact holiday music has on her and her family. Dudrear’s family constantly has holiday music playing in their house. 


“My family loves holiday music,” Dudrear said. “We always have Christmas music playing throughout December because it brings so much spirit to our house. I also like to play holiday music in my apartment during finals season to brighten the mood.” 


As the holiday season kicks off, Villanovans on campus and at home are starting up their traditions. Everyone does something to make the holiday season their own, but there is one thing everyone has in common: their community. 


Whether one is with friends, family or any Villanovan, the sense of togetherness is all around. And during the holiday season, we get even closer. Through holiday events, gift exchanges or just listening to the holiday music in the Connolly Center, the community is spreading the spirit from person to person.