Winter A Cappella Concert: Night One

Tallulah Laska, Staff Writer

On Friday, Nov. 18, the Villanova Spires, Nothing But Treble and Sirens put on their annual winter a cappella concert at the John and Joan Mullen Center for the Performing Arts. This was the first of three nights for the winter a cappella concert, with other groups having performed on Saturday and Sunday. 


The performance had two sets, with an intermission in between. The show began with the Spires, an all-male group, who sang four songs. The first song performed was “Good Ol’ A Cappella,” which included three soloists: Seamus Daniello, Ned McCann and Jack Palermo. The three soloists truly had great stage presence, as they and the rest of the Spires were dancing and moving to the beat. 


Their next two songs, “West Coast,” original performance by (OPB) OneRepublic, and “Falling Over You,” OPB Johnny Knox, included two additional soloists: Jeremiah Mathew and Rhys Davies. The Spires wrapped up its first set with “In The Stars,” OPB Benson Boone, including McCann as the soloist. As the Spires exited stage left, Nothing But Treble (NBT) took its spot from stage right. 


NBT had the largest group, with 17 members, all of them female. They all wore black but with lots of personality in the outfits. There was leather, patterned tights, dresses and more, all allowing the audience to get a feel for each person’s personality. NBT began its performance with a mashup of “We Jumped the Gun,” OPB Dafna, and “Leah,” OPB Seeing Double, including three soloists: Juliette Kiernan, Lauren Kourey and Kate Sullivan. 


It was obvious that NBT enjoyed being on stage. There was no lack of smiles and dancing while the women were singing. Its next two songs were “Ready or Not,” featuring soloist Dayna Deakin, and a mashup of “Traitor” and “Set Me Free,” featuring Savanna Wesselius and Meg Taylor as soloists. NBT closed out its first set with “Falling For You,” OPB Colbie Caillat, featuring soloist Kate Sullivan.  


The last group before the intermission was the Sirens, an all-female group. The Sirens began with “Always Be My Baby,” OPB Mariah Carey, including soloist Julianna Rigoglioso. The next song was “Just Give Me A Reason,” OPB Pink and Nathan Ruess, featuring Lauren Picard and Olivia Rasweiler. This performance was very amusing, as the Sirens were clearly having a great time on stage. They were moving around and dancing to the song with smiles on their faces. 


Next, they sang “Liability,” OPB Lorde, with soloist Kate Mosca. To close out the first set of performances, soloist Alex Petrozzi performed “Hopeless Romantic,” OPB Meghan Trainor. Petrozzi is the president of Sirens and a senior, so there was a speech made for her before the performance. This was her senior song, and the emotions and love within the group could be felt by the audience. After the show, Petrozzi discussed her love for the Sirens. 


“I love the Sirens so much because they are the kindest girls I’ve ever met,” Petrozzi said. “I know that I can go to them with any problem and truly be myself around them.” 


After the intermission, each group came back in the same order to sing four more songs. The Spires began with “Everybody Talks,” OPB Neon, featuring soloist Jacob Long. There were two more songs, and then it closed out its performances with “Changes” OPB Rockapella, featuring Jack Palerno, Ned McCann and Seamus Daniello as soloists. 


NBT returned to the stage next, opening with “We’re Young & Beautiful,” OPB Carrie Underwood, featuring eight different soloists. There was also a senior song for Lauren Kourey and a bouquet of flowers for her. Kourey sang “Until The $ Runs Dry,” OPB Cape Weather. Finally, NBT ended its performance with “Some Nights,” OPB fun, with soloist Abigail Omwega. 


The final performance of the night was by the Sirens. They honored both of their seniors, Petrozzi and Picard, with gift bags and flowers. Petrozzi sang “Liz,” OPB Remi Wolf, as the first song of the final set. Picard had her senior song to close out the show. She sang “Suddenly I See,” OPB KT Tunstall. 


The show was a delight to watch. Each group made the stage their own, with singing, dancing and smiles shared. The love felt within the groups was radiant. 


This was the first of three a cappella shows this year. The next is A Cappella Palooza, which happens in March, and the year ends with the Spring Showcase.