Homecoming Weekend: Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat


Villanovan Photography/Lydia McFarlane

Villanova celebrated homecoming weekend with a football game against University of Albany.

Kendall Hayes, Culture Columnist

Villanova looked very different this weekend as a plethora of alumni swooped into the school for homecoming weekend. From all different areas and walks of life, people near and far came back to their alma mater for a few days, proving that once a Villanovan, always a Villanovan. 


The main event of the weekend was the football game on Saturday afternoon. The Wildcats played the University of Albany Saturday afternoon, where students, both current and alum, came together to celebrate Villanova school spirit. 


The nostalgia was felt all around Bryn Mawr, whether it was through getting drinks with old friends at Kelly’s Bar, passing by old dorms and houses, watching the Phillies head to the World Series or even just watching the football game at Villanova Stadium. 


The Villanovan talked to some Villanova alumni about why coming back to campus for the weekend is so special to them. 


“Although it has only been a few months since graduation, coming back to Villanova felt like no time had passed,” 2022 graduate Stephanie Horne said. “It will always feel like home.”


Class of 2021 graduate Katherine Lukas described the special place Villanova holds in her and her family’s heart. 


“Villanova is an extremely special place and being part of the Villanova family is worth more than any tuition,” Lukas said. “It was amazing to come back to a place that helped me grow into the person I am and that has given me the world’s greatest friends. As a family of Villanovans, it was even more memorable to share the weekend with my parents. Although my time on campus is over, I am reminded every day, especially this weekend, that Villanova is forever.”


Lukas’ mom, Madeline Lukas, who graduated from Villanova in 1990, always makes sure to come back for Family Weekend. She is one of Villanova’s biggest fans and could go on and on about her love for the University.


“Homecoming is a wonderful time to see old friends and to be back on the most beautiful campus,” Mrs. Lukas said. “This year, we were able to connect with friends we have not seen in over 15 years. Homecoming has also become a place where we are lucky enough to gather with our children – one who graduated in ‘21 and one who is a current senior.” 


Jack Roberge, a class of 2022 graduate, also returned to campus for homecoming weekend. 


“Villanova puts in a lot of effort for alumni which isn’t something you can necessarily expect, but it goes a long way in making the school continue to feel like a community,” Roberge said. “I would highly recommend recent grads or soon-to-be grads to come to homecoming in the future, even if you skip the actual game. It’s a really nice way to catch up with your friends in a way that makes you feel a lot less washed-up than coming back to campus otherwise.”.


Even though it feels like graduation is right around the corner, it gave my friends and I hope that post graduation life is not as scary as it seems. No matter how far apart, we will always be connected through the four fantastic years we all shared together. For current seniors, our love for Villanova and each other won’t stop just because we are no longer in Bryn Mawr, because once you are a Wildcat, you are always a Wildcat. Location could never change that.