Quizzo’s Exploding Popularity Amongst Villanovans


Courtesy of Will Thompsen

Quizzo fans pose at a recent Quizzo event.

Emma Cahill, Staff Writer

Q: Why has Quizzo’s audience exploded? 

A: No one knows! 

Quizzo, the trivia game hosted every Thursday night by Villanova’s Campus Activities Team (CAT), has had record breaking high attendance rates. Why that is, no one knows. The host of Quizzo, sophomore Will Thompsen, does not even know. The Villanovan spoke with Thompsen to get the rundown of the hosting experience and to possibly solve the mystery of these exploding attendance rates. 

Thompsen first became interested in the position of Quizzo host when he was applying for the CAT Executive Board position last spring. He was intrigued by this position because of its humorous and entertaining nature. 

“When I interviewed for a position on CAT’s board, I mentioned that I would want to be Director of Quizzo,” Thompsen said. “When I found out I got that position, I knew that I wanted to host because I have always enjoyed being behind a microphone and making people laugh. The previous host (Andrew Mister) is very funny, and I wanted to follow what he had done the past few years.” 

Upon receiving the position, Thompsen knew it was the perfect fit for him. He integrates his personality into the role, while also trying to fit inside the mold of what it is like to be a Quizzo host. 

“I think it just comes naturally to me because I am a naturally dry but energetic person (and super humble),” Thompsen said. “I feel like I try to think about what I would think is a good host and try to be that person. It mainly just involves keeping the trivia flowing at a good pace and keeping the mood light and fun.” 

To prepare for Quizzo, Thompsen shared that he is in charge of choosing the dessert or food options for each event, as well as the prizes, which is all the more incentive to go to Quizzo. Additionally, there are a few individuals within CAT who work to create unique and exciting themes and questions for this weekly trivia game. 

“I am a part of an incredible writing team including Ava Giaquinto, Vix McCoy and Jonah Gavino,” Thompsen said. “So, that leaves a lot of room for new ideas and new additions to improve the Quizzo experience.” 

During Quizzo each week, Thompsen has a blast being the host. He shares his favorite moments from the trivia game, which revolves around his interactions with the students. As the students form teams and compete against each other for the winning prize, there is a mix of excitement and disappointment, which Thompsen particularly enjoys. 

“I always love the reaction when people get an answer right and the cheers that follow,” Thompsen said. “However, I also love the groans when people feel confident only to get the wrong answer.” 

So, why have Quizzo’s attendance rates exploded? Well, even Thompsen himself is not exactly sure. 

“I have no idea why the attendance has increased so much,” Thompsen said. “My best guess is that it is such a consistent program on campus (Thursdays at 9 p.m.) so people can plan their Thursday around it and they know it will be there. So I would say it mainly consists of regulars and depending on the theme we will get more people to come and put their skills to the test.” 

If one thing is clear, it is that Quizzo is an amazing outlet for students to let loose, enjoy some treats and have fun competing in this fun trivia game. CAT has some great ideas coming up in the future,

such as a Taylor Swift Quizzo later in October and a Night of Champions in December. CAT is also open to any new ideas suggested by students for future trivia themes. 

“If anyone has any ideas for future Quizzo themes or are curious about future CAT events, follow @villanovacat on Instagram AND TikTok and let us know,” Thompsen said.