Tell Me Something Good Series: Roommate Love Stories


Courtesy of AnNa Hughes

AnNA Hughes, left, and Katie Stump, right, are two roommates who became best friends.

Emma Cahill, Staff Writer

College provides the unique experience of living with someone for over the course of four years. Villanova students and their roommates more often than not develop a close friendship over the course of the college experience. During this time, students create bonds with their roommates that will last a lifetime. A lot of good can come from having a roommate who one is friends with, and the heartwarming stories that follow are examples of such. Strangely, some of the best roommates come from an unexpected pair. Sophomores AnNa Hughes and Katie Stump are one of those pairs. Despite coming from very different backgrounds, the two are the best of friends. 

“I am an only child from Connecticut and Katie is one of four sisters from Tulsa, Oklahoma,” Hughes said. “Who knew it would have worked out so well?” 

Since rooming together for freshman year last year, the two have formed an inseparable bond. 

“The odds were against us, but AnNa is not only my roommate, but my best friend,” Stump said. 

“In the end, it all works out for a reason.” 

Other roommate duos thrive on common interest. One example of this bond is sophomores Lauren Klein and Jane Maleady. The two are very athletic and share a love for anything involving being active. 

“We love to play soccer, tennis, flag football and go on runs together,” Klein said. “We even have a sports corner in our room, where we keep all our equipment like lacrosse sticks, tennis rackets and more.” 

Currently, Klein and Maleady are both on two intramural soccer teams together. The two look forward to the season and hope to win the championships this year. 

“We played on the same intramural soccer team, the Trees, last year,” Klein said. “This year, we are playing on the same teams again, but now they are called Pitch Perfect and also ‘Wiz KhaFIFA.’” 

Another athletic duo, seniors Maddie Scheider and Anastasia Galanou, met from being on the women’s volleyball team together. 

Scheider shared her favorite memories with her roommate, showing how supportive her roommate is to her.

 “Whenever I am having a rough day, she will come in my room and cheer me up, whether it is just a hug or some food she always knows how to make me feel better,” Schieder said.

Since Scheider and Galanou are seniors, this year marks their last year living together. Scheider will miss the experience of living with Galanou, who is one of her best friends. 

“I will miss having someone to talk to 24/7 about anything,” Scheider said. “I will also miss cooking dinner in the kitchen and eating on the couch at night while we watch ‘New Girl.’” 

Senior Tommy Lynch shared a similar sentiment. He shared how he will miss his roommates, seniors Justin Mancini and Bobby Heath, after graduation. 

“It is the little things, like the 2 a.m. discussions on meaningless topics, that I’m going to miss the most,” Lynch said. 

So, it seems that roommates are not just people you live with. They are friendships that will last the tests of time, from Villanova and onward. These roommates of Villanova are proof that inside a small dorm, big friendship blooms.