Back to School Predictions: Second Semester Horoscopes

Elena Rouse, Co-Culture Editor

Aries: You’re first in line for new beginnings. You have been craving for a fresh start, which is good because this semester is bound to lead you to an undiscovered passion of yours. Let your hunger for adventure drive you towards where you feel most revitalized, and this semester will be the best one yet.

Taurus: You have a great ability to read the room, but sometimes you let this get in the way of opening up. This semester is the time to listen to your instincts, but to also become more aware of how they can be holding you back. Get out of your own head and you will be put in the direct path of some great new relationships.

Gemini: This semester will be filled with temptations: countless dinner outings, shopping and Starbucks cravings. It will be hard to say no to all these things being thrown your way, but this semester is all about balling on a budget. Your impulsive attitude is often happily intoxicating, but not when it comes to money. It is time to work on your frugality.

Cancer: You are stronger than you realize. Last semester was proof of that, and for the second semester, that strength is going to flourish even more. You are often too quick to lose sight of your capabilities and special qualities, which can lead to self-doubt. Keep your head up because this semester is yours for the taking.

Leo: This semester will provide you with the opportunity to lead. Whether that be for a club or simply among friends, it is vital that you are humbled by this role. While you are surely capable of commanding respect, confidence has the ability to turn into arrogance. However, if you are careful to avoid that, you will rise to the occasion in more ways than one.

Virgo: Life is unpredictable. This fact, no matter how hard you try to change it, is something that will always be true. You love to be in control, but that is not always possible. Especially in college, there is always something unexpected around the corner. For the second semester, you will find yourself in a lot of unpredictable circumstances. The best thing to do is embrace them. Adventure will do you insurmountable good.

Libra: You have been grinding to get where you are today. There is no doubt that you will continue on that grind this semester, an admirable quality. However, be sure to take your foot off the gas pedal every once in a while and look around to take in your surroundings. It’s important to not only work hard for the future, but to appreciate the here and now.

Scorpio: This semester will bring you the highest of highs, but unfortunately the lowest of lows as well. When you are high, be sure to relish the moment. However, when you get to that valley, you have to accept how you are feeling. This semester will test you in your ability to embrace your emotions, and the only way to rise from the lows you will face will be to admit how you feel.

Sagittarius: There is someone from your past that keeps tickling the back of your thoughts. You keep finding yourself visualizing old conversations, what you would say, even things you know you never will say. It is unfair to both you and the person you’re thinking about. This semester is all about deciding to either move on or face the person directly.

Capricorn: For you, new relationships will come to fruition this semester. Get excited, because suddenly the people you find yourself spending time with will become less like friends and more like family.

Aquarius: Time to fall in love. Lucky you! There is some undoubted chemistry in the air for you this semester. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the timing is perfect for the swooning to begin.

Pisces: Some unexpected conversations have left you feeling confused. Maybe you feel a certain way about someone you didn’t expect, but fear not. Second semester is all about surprises, good or bad, and these shifting perspectives will only help you in the long run.