Goodness Bowls Opens in Villanova


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Goodness Bowls off ers acai bowls, smoothies, juices, warm bowls and wraps.

Lilly Grace, Staff Writer

Getting tired of eating the same dining hall food day after day? If the answer is yes, the recent opening of Goodness Bowls, a new café within walking distance of campus, should be great news. 

Villanova’s newest addition resides in the Villanova Center, the same complex as other student favorites, such as First Watch and Starbucks.

The business started four years ago when Sue and Corinne Persichetti, a mother-daughter team living in the Greater Philadelphia Area, bought and opened the original Goodness Bowls location in Avalon, New Jersey. 

Sue shared that the business was her daughter Corinne’s idea to begin with. Corinne’s dream was to start a healthy cafe that followed her personal motto, “Eat good. Feel good. Do good.” 

With some assistance from her mother, she accomplished that dream at just 21 years old when they opened Goodness Bowls together. 

Persichetti shared that she and Corinne take huge pride in the fact that they are a women-owned business. 

“We wanted to be a women-owned business because I have another job where I advocate for women in technology,” Sue explained. 

After much success on the Jersey Shore, they recently decided to expand their business and open up a second location closer to their hometown of Blue Bell. They were specifically drawn to Villanova because, being locals, they are huge Villanova basketball fans. Their store opened just at the beginning of the summer, and they have been eager for students to get back on campus ever since. 

Unlike most other acai bowl businesses, Goodness Bowls has a wide variety of healthy options available on its menu for adventurous and picky eaters alike. In addition to staple offerings such as acai bowls, smoothies and juices, Goodness Bowls goes above and beyond by also offering a variety of warm bowls, salads, wraps, small bites, coffee and more. Goodness Bowls is the “one-stop shop” for anyone looking for a healthy meal or even just a quick snack. According to Persichetti, some of the most popular items on the menu are the Nutty Nutella, Avalon Bowl, French Toast Latte and the Buddha Bowl. 

Additionally, because it is a family-owned business, the community aspect is especially important to Goodness Bowls. 

“We really strive to be part of the community and like to know our customers really well,” Persichetti said. “Also, we’re passionate about doing good, so we do a lot of charity events and sponsored events. I don’t know if that’s different, but it’s something we pride ourselves on.” 

Since the middle of August, Villanova students have already started pouring into Goodness Bowls, eager to try the tasty menu options and support the local family business.

Sophomore Isabelle Kellezi was one of the first customers of the school year.

“Goodness Bowls has great food and a great ambiance,” Kellezi said. “The owner came right up to my table, introduced herself and chatted with my table. Being away from home made speaking to her like I was talking to a ‘school mom.’ I will definitely be going back for a delicious yet nutritious meal soon.” 

Sophomore Morgan Arma also went to try the cafe.

“The overall vibe of the store was very welcoming and comforting. All of the staff was super nice and caring,” Arma said. “I hope everyone gets to go try Goodness Bowls.”

Goodness Bowls is open and ready to serve Villanova students and community members Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. So, the next time you wake up feeling hungry on one of those slow Sunday mornings, skip the dining hall, grab some friends and head down Lancaster Avenue to give Goodness Bowls a try.