Villanovans Prepare For Finals Week


Courtesy of Villanovan Photography/Olivia Pasquale

Students gear up for the intensity of finals.

Julia O'Keefe, Staff Writer

As the spring semester comes to a close, Villanova students are preparing to take their final exams and pack up their belongings for summer vacation. Although the end is near, there is much work to be done in the next few weeks. Students must do what they can to set themselves up for success and perform to the best of their ability.

Several students shared their finals week routine and offered advice for students as the week of April 29 approaches. The following tips have been compiled based on students’ responses and can serve as a reference for the campus community as the week begins.

First, start by making a list of everything you need to accomplish and when you want to accomplish it. Set deadlines, work on large assignments and prepare for big exams a little bit each day. Cross things off as you go, and review what you focused on the day before as you tackle a new day of tasks.
Senior Nursing major Adam Kucharczuk and sophomore Environmental Science major Maddy Lewis both agreed that making to-do lists and organizing a study schedule make the finals week work load a little less daunting.

“I like to write everything down that I have to do so that I’m super organized,” Lewis said. “I like to cross things off one by one as I get them done just to feel productive. After that, I just try to keep a positive mindset.”

“I would plan out topics to cover during my study days or at least make goals for what I wanted to get done that day based on when my exams were or when other assignments were due,” Kucharczuk added.

“Try to set an end time for the day and beat the clock, but also make sure to take your breaks.”
Along with this, students agreed it is absolutely necessary to give oneself study breaks and take some time for oneself. Block out time for lunch with friends, to go to the gym, watch a movie or get in a quick power nap.

Sophomore Biochemistry and Humanities double major Sarah Cotteta offered her perspective.

“Finals week is never my favorite week, however, I think studying with my friends and taking periodic breaks to do fun things makes it somewhat enjoyable,” Cotteta said.

Kucharczuk agreed.

“When you’re finished studying for the day, do something for yourself like watching a movie or going to the gym,” she said. “Taking time for yourself can be just as important as studying.”

As for other study strategies, make a study guide by rewriting notes in an organized way. Sophomore Accounting major Jackie Flammer expressed that rewriting out notes helps to remember a lot of information in a meaningful way.

“I like to handwrite things again, and then it sticks with me,” Flammer said. “I usually find a classroom space with a whiteboard so I can lay everything out and look up at it as I study.”

With that, students agree it’s important to find a study space one feels comfortable and productive in.

Whether that be a classroom with friends, Belle Air Terrace, the Reading Room or the Falvey Library, there are lots of key study spaces on Villanova’s campus. Students shared where they like to camp out during finals week.

“I really like the reading room,” Lewis said. “I just think that once you get focused and there’s nothing that can distract you, you’ll get on the grind.”

On the other hand, Cotteta described her favorite spot.

“My favorite place to study is the Idea Lounge in the Falvey basement,” she said. “It’s so easy to focus down there, and everyone who works there is super helpful.”
Kucharczuk also added his routine.

“Each finals season I try to wake up early like I would for class so that I could grab a coffee and a seminar room in Driscoll,” Kucharczuk said. “I found it motivating to study in the same room with friends who don’t distract me.”

As students head into these last two weeks of this academic year, follow these guidelines to set oneself up for success. Remember to try to keep a positive attitude, get enough sleep and look forward to summer plans as a motivator. With hard work, dedication, organization and drive, one will be sure to offer their best work and take finals week by storm.