The Final Villanovan Horoscopes of The Year

Elena Rouse, Co-Culture Editor

Aries: Have you been itching for an escape? For something new and exciting to sweep you up and free you from the confines of your everyday rhythm? That need to break free is building up, and it’s pushing you further away from the mundane. Your spontaneous and free spirit can’t be tied down any longer, and this is going to take you on that exciting journey you desire. Just make sure to say ‘yes.’

Taurus: This is the summer of you. Though you’ve had the opportunity to grow with others, and that has shaped you into the person you are, the next few months point to personal and emotional growth. This ride may be a solo one, but it’s so important, and the only way you can continue to grow in your other relationships is if you take this time to focus on what you want and where you want to head. As White Snake once poignantly said, “Here I go again on my own.” and We can’t wait to see what road you take.

Gemini: You are going to be tested. In the past, you’ve chosen a tunnel vision interpretation of what you want your life to look like, but that won’t help you now. The worst thing you can do is limit yourself and all the potential opportunities you might get. Though you might see your life going one way, don’t fret when that gut feeling is telling you that the stars have something else in store. They know best after all.

Cancer: The summer is singing for you, and the notes are pitch perfect. Dance along to the melody, because it is high time you release those premonitions and negative energies and just “be.” The Cancer constellation’s relation to Neptune points to a rush of artistic energy, meaning it’s best to channel that into passion projects that you’ve been pushing off. Push them off no longer. Don’t just listen to that music, blast it through the speakers.

Leo: Your focus has been admirable, to say the least. That relentless pursuit towards your goals is proving to be fruitful, and while you are starting to achieve like you’ve always wanted, there is something you have been struggling to grab onto: life. Sometimes, you need to take yourself less seriously because when you do, you’ll find that life has a lot more in store for you. Don’t forget that in the warm weather of summer, it’s definitely more than okay to take that much needed breath and maybe “let your hair down” a bit. When you do, you’ll get a new sense of clarity you need.

Virgo: This summer is a mystery. Scared? Don’t be. It’s the kind of mystery that leaves a person intrigued and on the edge…of adventure and freshness. Lean into the unknown and embrace what you can’t control. Trust the stars on this one, as mystery houses the abundance of life you’ve been craving. So, when that person walks up to you at the bar, or that tiny little store with the funky window display sparks your interest, strike up a conversation or walk into that place. It’s all in the search of the questions that we get our answers.

Libra: Let’s just say: finally. The “I’m so excited, and I just can’t fight it” type of energy is exuding from you these days. Though you might be terrified of things going awry, the absolute worst thing you can do is give into the self-doubt and fear of bad things destroying the good. Don’t get in your head, and own the good vibes coming your way. It’s time to be a part of the fabric of the vibrant and the vivacious. Get out there.

Scorpio: Have you been lying to yourself? Is there something (maybe even someone) that you want, but have been too afraid to go for? This summer is all about revelations and taking what you want to be yours. What you are in search for is the intoxication of boldness, and that only comes from stepping confidently towards your desires. If you take that stride, failure isn’t an option.
Sagittarius: Can someone say the summer of love? How picturesque for you, Sagittarius, for you are about to embark on an expedition like no other. Love is to be found in the most unexpected of places, and your fondness for acts of kindness is going to glow with all of the good you’re about to experience. In the next few months, take note of all the good you see in the people around you, because those little surprises are going to mount to some of the most important relationships and moments in your life.

Capricorn: You’re going to have a busy summer. Venus’s movement towards Saturn indicates the intense cycle of movement you’re on course to have, so get ready to hit the ground running. Whatever it is, you’re going to be breathless. Some might be afraid of that, but not you. This is your time to not look back and just go for it. Now is not the time for hesitation.

Aquarius: The summer might seem blurry or riddled with uncertainty, but do not be unsettled by what you don’t know. Those uncertainties will reveal themselves and in turn help you learn more about who you are. In the meantime, hold onto those dates you have in your calendar of moments to look forward to. Having those will help you take the necessary everyday steps and will make those steps brighter.

Pisces: Timing is everything, and it might seem like things are just falling into place as you’re about to move on. It may feel unfair, but what is yours will be yours, and though the semester is ending, the good things are not. Do not stress about the endings of things that might have just begun because there are always new semesters and new adventures that are sure to prove to be just as wonderful as old ones. Who knows, maybe those good vibes you’ve been experiencing will even carry over into the new season. Whatever happens, it’s a great thing, so appreciate the magic of it all