Villanova’s Annual Greek Week


Graydon Paul/Villanovan Photography

Many fraternity and sorority members competed in lip sync night.

Chloe Miller, Co-Culture Editor

Greek Week may bring to mind images of trojans and togas, but Villanova’s Greek Week looks quite different.

A greek life tradition, Greek Week occurs every year at Villanova with fraternity and sorority sponsored events for students to take part in. This year, Greek Week was held from April 4th to April 8th. Many of the events are organized by Villanova’s Panhellenic association, Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) and Interfraternity Council (IFC) with help and planning from each chapter on campus. 

“We [Panehllenic Executive board] have been having weekly meetings to discuss each day’s events,” VP of Panhellenic recruitment Olivia Mulchaey said. “We plan how to execute each event and also make spreadsheets for volunteers, order supplies, and coordinate with other outside organizations.”

The week-long celebration is meant for members of various greek organizations to interact with one another. All fraternities and sororities were split into teams of three or four to compete to be the winner of Greek Week. 

The events kicked off on Monday, April 4th with greek letter day, where fraternity and sorority members could earn a point for their team if they checked in at the Oreo with letters on. 

Events that followed included coin wars, flag football, lip sync battles, and skit night. Skit night is a fan favorite for many sorority and fraternity members. 

“It’s hilarious to see all your friends and people you know get on stage and perform a dance,” Georgia Mowers said. “They never know what they’re doing and the whole event is a good time. People get really competitive.”

This year, skit night was held on April 7th in the Alumni Hall gym due to inclement weather. Despite, the last-minute location change, nine groups presented their skit. Some of the groups chose to go with a theme, for example, Alpha Gamma Delta dressed and danced to songs based on the movie “Grease.” Delta Gamma and Delta Chi stuck with the theme of the week and opted for togas and music from Disney’s “Hercules.”

The judging for the winner was done at the end of the event. Panhellenic representatives came together to choose who would be crowned the Greek Week skit champion, according to Mulchaey. 

Ultimately, on skit night, Alpha Chi Omega and Pi Kappa Phi came in first place. Second place was awarded to Delta Gamma and Delta Chi, and third place to Alpha Phi. 

 Yardfest was meant to act as the concluding ceremony to Greek Week on Friday. Unfortunately, many MGC chapters had conflicts on Friday and were unable to attend. The other organizations did not want to put on yardfest without the MGC chapters, so the event on Friday was canceled. 

Subsequently, the winners were announced via the Panhellenic Instagram. The winning group consisted of Delta Gamma, Delta Chi, and Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

The current total raised was $1,442.66. This total is solely from coin wars, which occurred on Tuesday. Mulchaey assumes that the final total will likely be just under $2,000.

“The money raised is going to be split between the Panhellenic Conference, IFC, and MGC,” Mulchaey said. “Each council gets to pick a charitable cause of their choice to donate to from their portion of the funds.”

Despite the abrupt ending, Greek Week was a fun and competitive event for members of Greek organizations to be involved in. Greek Week was no Battle of Troy, but it brought some enthusiasm to campus.