If There’s A Will, There’s A Way: Students Trek to NOLA


Courtesy of Olivia Pasquale/Villanovan Photography

The band made its way to New Orleans, along with hundreds of Villanova students.

Emma Cahill, Staff Writer

New Orleans, Louisiana is no longer just Caleb Daniels’ hometown. This year, New Orleans was home to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four, which Villanova competed in. Many members of the Villanova community took this opportunity to celebrate their basketball team. It is a long trek to NOLA, but many could not pass up this once in a lifetime experience. 

The first step necessary for the journey to New Orleans was acquiring a ticket. Many students entered the Villanova ticket lottery. Their entry into the lottery functioned the same as the home game lotteries, and many students emerged triumphant, winning a ticket.

Although the ticket lottery seemed to be one of the main ways of attending the game, other students got their tickets through other ways, such as their campus involvement. Sophomore Colin Beazley, Co-Editor in Chief of The Villanovan, was given the opportunity to attend the game as a representative of the newspaper. 

“I got my tickets through The Villanovan,” Beazley said, “Press passes are so cool.”

Junior Tommy Lynch secured his attendance at the game by being a vibrant part of the Villanova basketball experience. As a member of the band, Lynch will be traveling with his fellow bandmates to play during the game.

“I got my tickets because I am in band,” Lynch said, “I am excited to perform for the team.”

After procuring a ticket, the next step on the trek to NOLA was finding transportation. One of the popular options this year was one that the University offered. Due to the elevated prices of many commercial plane tickets, many students found it best to buy tickets from Villanova’s very own charter plane. 

“I am getting to NOLA through the Villanova flight,” freshman Anna Hughes said. “It was the best option, especially because it is a round trip.” 

However, if some were unable to get the Villanova flight, many resorted to other options to get to New Orleans. In fact, it appeared that some students may have even been driving down to New Orleans. 

“Can’t believe people are actually driving to NOLA,” a Yik-Yak post from April 1 said. 

With a ticket and a way there, students secured their presence at the Final Four. Many students reflected on their excitement. The last two times the Villanova Men’s Basketball team played in the Final Four, they won the championship, and many students were anticipating another victory. 

“I can’t wait to see how the team does and go out to support them,” freshman Anna Hughes said. “I hope they win.”

The students who went to the Final Four game couldn’t wait to celebrate the team and looked forward to showing their school spirit. 

“I am most excited to see Villanova fans in other places,” sophomore Tallulah Laska said. “It is such a connection to see another person wearing Nova gear, so I cannot wait to see a different city full of Villanovans.”  

For students going to NOLA, it was sure to be an experience that they would never get the chance to do again. Watching the team play in this game was an unforgettable memory that will last a lifetime, even though the outcome was not what we hoped for.

 “In all likelihood, this is something that none of us will get again as students,” Beazley said. “This is a weekend we’ll never forget.”