Spring has Sprung at Villanova


Courtesy of Elena Rouse

Many students head out to the Quad on warm days.

Kendall Hayes, Staff Writer

Over the past several weeks, Villanovans got a snippet of what is to come this next month and a half with days full of sunshine and warmth. Although Villanova’s campus does look beautiful in the snow, students are ready for Spring and what comes with it: quad days, sports, doing work outside and even getting a tan in. 


It has been a long winter. With COVID-19 rampant throughout the past two winter seasons, Villanovans, and the world in general, cannot be more excited for spring and the happiness linked to it. With days getting lighter, there is more time to spend outdoors. Over the past few weeks, intramural and club sports began, giving students an opportunity to not only get more time outdoors but also more involved on campus. 


Some of Villanova’s club lacrosse captains explained how the warm weather has been a blessing for their teams. 


“Our club lacrosse team has been very excited about the weather because it has allowed us to get outside and really enjoy the day,” junior Cameron Castelli said.


Castelli continued explaining her excitement.


“The majority of our players spend their entire day inside, whether it be in classes or studying, and our late night practices give them a much needed break,” she said. “We’re all looking forward to the nicer weather in spring, especially as we approach our weekend home games at Villanova Stadium.”


In addition to sports outdoors, the warm weather gives different organizations on campus the opportunity to run philanthropic events outside. In the upcoming month, several different Panhellenic Organizations will be announcing their outdoor philanthropic events. Kappa Kappa Gamma just announced that its main philanthropic event of the semester, Hoops for Health, will be on April 2.


Kappa Kappa Gamma’s philanthropy chair talked more about the event. 


“Hoops for Health is a basketball tournament outdoors at the Sullivan Courts where all proceeds go to our local philanthropy, Mental Health America,”  junior Pilar Wisor said.


A warm weather favorite for Villanova students is quad days. Nothing is better than walking through Villanova’s quad on a beautiful Spring day and seeing everyone outside enjoying the day. You can hear music blasting through the windows of Sullivan and Sheehan Halls, and all is right in the world. It has even been said that experiencing a gorgeous quad day on tour is what gets prospective students to commit. I know I did. 


“I am so happy the weather is getting warmer because when it’s nice out, my friends and I all will go outside and sit in the quad, do homework, and listen to music,” sophomore Bianca Santucci said. “It is one of my favorite things to do on campus.”


“You mean the reason why I didn’t transfer out of this school?” junior Jack Sandmann asked when questioned about his days spent in the quad sunshine.


Monday marked the start of spring, and these past few weeks have truly been preparing for it. With only a little over a month left on campus, having longer, warmer and brighter days will make the end of the semester less bittersweet.