Ridiculum Hosts First Improv Comedy Show of 2022


Courtesy of Anna Callahan / Villanovan Photography

Ridiculum performed improv comedy on Feb. 18 at the Connelly Center Cinema.

DJ Comerford, Staff Writer

Each semester, some of the University’s funniest personalities take the stage and show off their comedic talents on campus. This past Friday, Feb. 18 was one of those nights.

The Ridiculum Improv Comedy Club pursues its comedic talent through stand-up comedy and improvised scenarios. The club held its first improv show of the new year last Friday night at 7 p.m. in the Connelly Center Cinema. This show featured many of Ridiculum’s newest recruits.

“My favorite part about the improv show was seeing so many new members shine in their first or second show,” Ridiculum member junior Patrick Lyons said. “I have performed in five shows now, so it was really cool to watch some of the newer members have a really great night.”

  The show itself consisted of numerous improv games. One of the games was called “Line in my Pocket,” during which the audience gave a non-geographic location, and the improvisers had to act in that scenario and read pre-written lines within the scene and make it make sense. 

  Another game was “Clap Down the Line,” during which three groups of two improvisers were given non-geographic locations, and one group acted and the others clapped in and used their last line in their own scenario. 

  The group also did a game that it has never done before, called “Detective,” in which a crime has occurred and the detectives come in one by one. Each person has to explain to the next person what happened, without using words. In this case, Miley Cyrus had locked someone in a freezer. 

There were some odd suggestions from the audience. When asked for an action, one of the audience members said “mushroom grooming.” While this was out of the ordinary, the improvisers ran with it and delighted the audience.

  Senior Andrew Mister shared his overall thoughts of the show.

“I loved seeing so many people coming out to support and interact with our show,” Mister said. “This club grows every year and it’s awesome to see new members get to be on stage and my fellow seniors really shine. I thought the show went well, and I’m excited for all the shows the rest of the semester.”

  The audience laughed all throughout the various games. The groups’ ability to think on their feet in tough situations translated into tons of wacky and humorous moments. This ability is not one that comes without practice, though. Ridiculum meets twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, in order to hone their craft.  

Ridiculum had a respectable showing on Friday. The audience also was enthusiastic with its participation and kept the show in motion.

  Senior Becca Finke gave her opinion of the show.

  “Our first show of the semester was, by all accounts, a smashing success,” Finke said. “A combination of old games and new members made our performance one for the ages.”

  Indeed, the show was a success. Ridiculum made the tricky and nerve wracking act of improvising look easy and had a good time doing it. Even with some odd audience suggestions, the group improvised everything with style. 

Look out for its next show on March 9, which will feature stand-up comedy.