Delta Gamma’s Annual DG Desserts


Peter Licopantis/Villanovan Photography

Delta Gamma members helps out at DG Desserts.

Chloe Miller, Co-Culture Editor

Villanova’s chapter of Delta Gamma hosted its annual DG Desserts event last Wednesday night in Cafe Nova, where it raised $11,138. 

Each year, students line up at the door to get in first to the all-you-can-eat dessert buffet. Tickets were sold in the weeks awaiting the event. Delta Gamma members hosted tables in Bartley and Connelly Center, where students could purchase presale tickets for six dollars. 

“Tabling is super important for the event,” Delta Gamma member Julia O’Keefe said. “Not only do we sell a lot of tickets when we table, but it is also super fun to hype up the event with all of my sisters.”

Last year, with the nature of the pandemic, Delta Gamma was not able to bake its own desserts for the event. Instead, it sold mug cakes and cookies from Insomnia Cookies and Hope’s Cookies. This year, there was a better sense of normalcy to DG Desserts. 

“The event was able to be held at full capacity with ticket holders able to sit down and enjoy their desserts, and sisters able to help pass them out and have fun doing it,” philanthropy chair Faith Kisker said. “All desserts were individually wrapped per Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life COVID policy at the time, but sisters were able to bake them themselves this year.”

Along with an assortment of baked goods, such as brownies, cookies, cupcakes and more baked by Delta Gamma members, there was also an array of Insomnia Cookies and two Nothing Bundt Cake towers that were raffled off. Students came into the event with Tupperware and to-go containers to grab as many desserts as possible.  

Hours of planning goes into the one and a half hour event. Members of Delta Gamma baked and sold tickets in the week prior to DG Desserts. The executive board of Delta Gamma, specifically the philanthropy chair Faith Kisker and president Kate Blazejewski, has worked on the event planning since the beginning of the semester to ensure the night ran smoothly. 

“Planning for this event goes in stages,” Kisker said. “First, I think there’s the brainstorming stage, where details of the event itself are figured out. Second, these details must be approved. Third, a plan must be figured out to bring these details to life.”

In preparation for the event, Delta Gamma also hosted a dine-out day at JuicePod in Bryn Mawr. Students were able to order from JuicePod and have a portion of their meal price go to Delta Gamma in support of its philanthropy. 

Delta Gamma’s associated philanthropy is Service for Sight. 

“Service for Sight supports and funds the six schools for the blind across the U.S. that were founded by, and continue to be run by, Delta Gamma women,” Kisker said. “Service for Sight also funds braille book programs, seeing eye dog programs and research on vision loss.”

Villanova’s chapter of Delta Gamma works directly with the Overbrook School for the Blind in the greater Philadelphia area. The money raised in ticket sales and from online donations will go to helping fund the six Service for Sight schools. 

Along with DG Desserts, Delta Gamma hosts its fall fundraiser, AnchorSlam, where proceeds also support Service for Sight. 

“Hosting a fundraiser where we know exactly where the money we raised is going is super fulfilling,” Delta Gamma member Georgia Mowers said. “It is always a fun event, and it was really successful this year.”

To check out the highlights from DG Desserts or to get more information on Delta Gamma’s philanthropy, head to @villanovadg on Instagram.