Villavogue: All of the Essential Jewelry Trends for 2021


Courtesy of Kaelin Trombley

Trombly shows off her impressive personal array of jewelry.

Kaelin Trombly, Staff Writer

Waist-up dressing is at its peak during the Zoom age; the simple, yet aesthetic look has become a utilization for jewelry lovers. In fact, with the first month of 2021 coming to its close, new jewelry trends are already emerging. If people back in early 2020 opted for smaller, minimalistic jewelry, it seems that the new norm seems to be bigger, bolder accessories. Now, without further ado, here are some of 2021’s most stylish jewelry pieces, taken straight from the runway to your hands:

Beach Beads. Picture the colorful beaded necklaces you made at summer camp, but chic. Right in time for the approaching warm weather, this look will be the highlight of your beach ensemble. Christian Dior and Versace even approved the fad in multiple 2021 showcases already.

Mismatched Earrings. From Area to Phillip Lim to Dior, mismatched earrings have been surging in popularity. Brands are even starting to sell singular earrings to mix and match to follow the trend.

Bold Chains. It’s safe to say that chains are not a trend. They have appeared in enough collections over several seasons that, at this point, we can call them a staple accessory. The one difference this season being the width of the chain. As mentioned, this season is going for a bold look when it comes to accessories. We are talking about thick cut chains and large pendants that really stand out.

Pearls. In a time ruled by gold jewelry, one would never expect pearls to come back in style anytime soon – yet here they are. Pearl necklaces, earrings, and even rings are a great way to add a sense of elegance to any look.

Uber-Long Necklaces. Time to kiss your chokers goodbye because lengthy necklaces are here to stay. Layer a long pendant necklace over any plain tee to elevate your outfit instantly.

In the Bag. Inspired by the French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, fashion houses such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton featured necklaces with purse pendants on their 2021 runways.

Hammer Time. Let’s talk about texture, because hammered gold and silver jewelry are in. Hammered metal adds an extra oomph and took the spotlight in many Spring 2021 collections.

Shoulder Length Earrings. From London to Paris, designer labels presented a variety of earrings that stop at shoulder level. There is no other trend that frames the face better. Get out there and find a pair of lengthy earrings that Stevie Nicks would be jealous of.

Think outside the box this season. Try to stray from the minimalistic accessories and try something new. 2021 is all about the-bolder-the-better when it comes to jewelry accessorization. Let’s face it, it’ll make you look more alive than you actually feel after back-to-back video calls.